Student Snippets


Of Classes and Museum Passes

Oh my gosh the past few weeks have been so busy!  My class officially started last week and it's been a wild ride!  It's been all good so far.  There are a lot of opportunities for group discussion in this class (even more than my last class), so I don't feel like I'm missing the student interaction part of an in-person class at all!  Admittedly, it is all behind a screen and in a forum, but still.  The summer class is a bit intense though.  We're fitting 14 weeks' worth of material into an 8-week class, which is a bit daunting.  But so far everything has been great, and the material is really interesting! 

On a more fun-related note, I've finally gotten around to doing some more sightseeing!  I went into Boston to go to the Museum of Science with my family.  When my dad was a child, he had a book with a Van de Graaff generator in it, and he's wanted to see one in person for a long time, so that's what we did for Father's Day.  We also went to the Butterfly Garden and the Charles Hayden Planetarium at the Museum of Science.  It was really fun and I highly recommend going if you are in the Boston area!

 Because we went to the Museum of Science, we took advantage of one of the really cool things that the library systems in Massachusetts have to offer: museum passes!  All the other states I've lived in don't have these, but if you have a library card at say, the Boston Public Library, you can reserve free/discounted museum passes. Seriously, take advantage of the museum passes because there is a very good chance you can get in to a lot of the museums in Massachusetts for free, or at least at a steep discount.  I did not know about the museum passes when I first moved here, and I went to the New England Aquarium with my family in Boston and that adventure cost over $100 for admission alone when we could have gotten in for free (depending on which library's museum pass you use- some have free admission up to a certain amount of people per pass, some passes get you discounted admission).  Different libraries have different rules and different passes, so if you live in Massachusetts, be sure to check out the museum passes at your local library! 

If you want to learn more about the Museum of Science, you can do so here.

If you want to learn more about museum passes at the Boston Public Library, you can do so here.