Student Snippets


The Summer Interlude

Well readers, I was right - my enthusiasm for school seems to be dutifully returning now that I've had a sufficient break. My online class, LIS456: Records Management, starts in a week and I am looking forward to it. As a bonus, the instructor put the entire course up on Moodle way ahead of time and encouraged us to start the readings and lectures early - if we so desired. I am very pleased that he did this and it makes a lot of sense for an online, asynchronous, self-directed class. Our professor has acknowledged that folks may have trips and other things going on during the summer and has given us the capability to manage our time and plan accordingly - increasing our chances for success in the course. Thank you, Professor Wood!

 As it so happens, my family will be embarking on our first big trip of the summer the very week that class starts. I'll be spending the first day of class at Hershey Park, PA. Woo hoo! I have mixed feelings about online classes that I'm sure I'll share with you in the weeks ahead, but there can be no denying their convenience. How else could I be attending a Simmons course while taking summer vacation? After Hershey we're going to head down to my "home" (a.k.a Grandma and Grandpa's house) in southwestern Virginia and spend several weeks there, as we usually do. I can picture it now: sitting on the front porch with my feet propped up, a cold Diet Coke beside me, typing away on my laptop while gazing out at the Blue Ridge Mountains. That's the life right there.

 In other news, I've done some local exploring over the past couple weeks and found two beautiful nature preserves tucked away right here in Fairfield county, CT. Because my wonderful husband took the kids to his family in New Jersey for a few days, I was able to get out and go explore these areas on my own. While it may not be the safest way to hike, it's probably my favorite. I love to be alone with my own thoughts out in the woods. It was just what I needed to restore my internal balance and charge my batteries for another round of class.