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Dog Days

Well I was right about my online class - it is all the work of a normal semester class in half the time. We had a research paper due at the end of our second week (last weekend)! That assignment was a bit of a wakeup call for me that 1) I really need to stay on top of the work for this class and 2) I need to prep early for research papers and take better notes. I've been on "vacation" still in Virginia this whole time but it hasn't felt like much of a vacation because every night I'm up doing homework! I don't mind too much though because I am really enjoying this class. I could have never guessed that records management would be so interesting to me. The discussion forums have been very lively and I do feel highly engaged in the course. Maybe it's the accelerated schedule that makes it more of an "immersive" experience.

 Despite the rigor of the class I was still able to drive to go visit my best friend in Tennessee this past weekend. We've been friends since middle school and only manage to see each other about every other year, so it was a visit we both really needed. While out to dinner with some friends I had to actively restrain myself from asking someone I'd just met how the records were managed at his job for the Tennessee Department of Health. Talk about a conversation starter, haha. My friend had just moved into a new house and didn't have the wi-fi set up yet, so keeping up with class was a bit of a challenge. Luckily last week was a "light" week to allow for the 4th of July holiday.

 We're right in the thick of summer and class and it's hot and humid all over the east coast. I'm actually grateful for my class keeping me busy while I'm sitting indoors in the A.C. - because otherwise I'd probably be wasting my time with phone games and Netflix. There's not much for me to do now except take the kids back to Connecticut and keep plugging away. I'm beginning to look forward to the August break and hopefully knocking a few more books off my summer reading list. Until later!

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