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Engaging Classes and Best Laid Plans

I'm delighted to report that my new system for homework worked incredibly well last week. I methodically chugged through all my readings, got started on some future assignments, took notes on everything I read, and tracked how much time I spent on what. It was so efficient that I had everything finished by Thursday! Want to know my grand totals for the week? (Of course you do.) I spent 17 hours and 45 minutes total, of which I spent 11 hours reading (and note-taking), 4.75 hours on assignments, and 2 hours on review. I know this is incredibly nerdy, but I've ALWAYS wanted to know how much time I actually spend on homework, and how close it is to the 20-hour/week ballpark (10 hours per week, per class). Also, I thought it might be helpful for any of you out there still considering library school to get a realistic idea of the time commitment.

My archival access & use class is down to only five people, but so far that hasn't hindered discussion. I find the professor's teaching style very engaging. It's basically three hours of discussion with some lecture scattered throughout. I came to class this week thinking I was so prepared with all my readings and notes, but I still had to think really hard about the questions Professor Cox asked. The way he leads the discussions challenges us to think critically and carefully about the things we've read and what we think we already know about archives. I come away from class with a lot more ideas, and even more questions.

In my afternoon class, user instruction, we all got surprised with an impromptu 5-minute class presentation - scary, but instructive. We're going to be presenting a lot in that class to practice being in front of people and not freaking out. The class itself is like a laboratory for our experiments in teaching and learning. It feels like we're on a journey together with the instructor, to discover and develop our own teaching identities and philosophies. It's a fun and engaging class, and the time goes quickly.

As for this week, what is it they say about best laid plans? Both my kids were off school on Wednesday, and it looks like my son will be home sick with me today. It will be a challenge to fit in all the homework time that I planned, but at least I started strong. I spent Tuesday morning on the campus of Sacred Heart University interviewing instruction librarians and observing a library instructional session for one of my assignments. Everyone was so nice and helpful - it's great to see how willing the professionals are to mentor new aspiring librarians.

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