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Fall is Here!

Fall has arrived!  Well, technically fall doesn't start until September 22, but it certainly feels like fall.  The weather is getting slightly colder, the leaves are beginning to change, and the fall semester has just begun (my class literally just started last night).  I must say, I really enjoy how classes do not start until September here.  Even the elementary, middle, and high schools in Massachusetts didn't start until last week (at least that's when they started in my area).  My entire life, school has always started in early-to-mid August, no matter what state I have lived in.  I'm really enjoying waiting until fall to go back to school. 

As the seasons have started to change, I have been trying to partake in some fun fall activities.  Last weekend, I went to the Autumn Arts and Crafts Festival at the Historic Wayside Inn in Sudbury, MA.   It was a great outdoor craft fair with a ton of vendors and exhibits, and I bought some fabulous items!  There seems to be a lot of festivals in my area this fall.  I noticed today that they were advertising a town-wide, weekend-long festival just one town over from where I live, and there's plenty of signs for other festivals nearby.  I've been finding out about the events near me by seeing advertisements and going "Oh that looks fun!" and then showing up but I have now found this page for fall events and activities all around Massachusetts.  If you live in Massachusetts, take a look at the list and maybe you'll find a fun fall event to go to!  I know I've found some that are now on my list! 

I hope you are enjoying the beginning of the fall season!

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