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Nonstop Action!

In my last post, when I said "life is getting pretty hectic," that was an understatement.  I thought my description was accurate last week, but I was just part of the way through the mountain of work that awaited me.  Since last week, I have gotten sick (get your flu shots everybody!), completed yet another huge project, have tried (and succeeded) to keep up with my weekly labs and readings, and have begun to think about my final project.  Additionally, this is registration week!  I've been talking about my plan for a while and it is now time to put that plan into motion! 

This has been a week of nonstop action, with not a lot of time to rest (which I can tell you from experience, is not the best thing for being sick).  In fact, I had my first all-nighter of grad school this past week!  I don't usually pull all-nighters (I think I only had to do it twice in undergrad) because I really need to stay on a good sleep schedule to function properly, but sometimes life piles up on you and you have to do whatever is necessary to get the work done.  Late nights (or in my case this week, all-nighters) are an unfortunate reality of being a student, and even more so during the final push of the semester.   I'm really proud of the work that I'm accomplishing for my program though, which makes these late nights easier to bear.  Right now, the material is getting a bit harder in my class.  We just finished our unit on Javascript, and those labs were a bit more difficult than the previous labs.   However, as I've said before, I would have never taken this class had it not been a requirement, and I'm so glad that I'm learning all of these new skills.  I have learned so many new things in these past weeks such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and in these next few weeks I'm sure I'll be learning a lot more. 

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving holiday next week! 

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