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November don't go...

To my fellow blogger Sarah - yes, it is crunch time! We're in the home stretch, the final countdown. This week I find myself returning to the busyness refreshed after a lovely Thanksgiving break with all the trappings: food, friends, family, shopping, games, and strolls in the Virginia woods. I feel that as long as it is still November, I can keep breathing and pretend the end is farther off than it really is. I'm afraid that on Saturday, the first of December, I'll be sitting in my second-to-last classes of the semester and it will all suddenly become very real. I wish I could cling to November just a little longer, keeping my due dates at bay.

I feel nervous and excited and cautiously optimistic for the end of this semester. Nervous because I have a lot of work to do before then: one 15-page "publishable" research paper, one 10-12-page reflection paper, one instruction module/lesson plan and a 30-minute instructional presentation. Excited because I only have one more semester after this one! Cautiously optimistic because I feel pretty good about my final assignments so far. I've developed interesting topics for my archives research paper and my instruction session; topics that I am excited about and eager to develop. I feel healthy and energized right now so let's hope these good vibes last. I have a rather unfortunate track record for lots of things going wrong during the last week of the semester.

Registration is over and finalized and it was the most anti-climactic one of my entire time at Simmons. I got into everything that I wanted: Preservation at SLIS West in January and Metadata online. These will be the final two courses of my degree and I feel like they will tie everything up nicely. Although, I would not have minded if this semester's courses had been my last ones, because I honestly think they've been my favorites. After the dust of this semester has settled I think I'll write a post reviewing (and perhaps ranking?) all the classes I've had at Simmons. It will be tough, because there's been a lot of great ones. Until then, expect to find me glued to my laptop churning out papers!

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