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Registration Part 2!

I have an update on my last post!  So my desk is completely covered in Pro/Con lists, and I have officially decided to not take LIS 438: Introduction to Archival Methods and Services next semester, therefore delaying my decision on deciding what to do about my concentration and instead just take an elective.  I know at the end of my post last week it seemed like I had talked myself into doing that, but then I started going back and forth again, but now I have decided!  The world, and course catalog, is my oyster!  So many wonderful choices!  I'm now trying to decide between a few different classes.  I'm planning on continuing to do what I've done for the past few semesters and only take one class.  Between work, my personal life, and financially, taking one class a semester has really worked for me.  Also, unless if I can find a Saturday class that works for me, or a blended class that has a really good time, because of my work schedule next semester, I think I'm going to go the online route again.  I'm trying to pick a class I will enjoy and that will be useful in my career, which is pretty much all of them!  Even though all the classes sound so interesting, I don't want to waste my choice this semester.  Simmons puts out a tentative two-year class schedule with the course number, location, whether it's face-to-face or online, and the semester it'll be taught in, so I'm trying to pick strategically.  Another reason why I'm picking strategically is in case if I do decide to continue on with the Archives Management concentration.  If I decide to continue on with the concentration, I only get 4 electives, and the rest will all be archives and preservation courses.  If I switch to the Design Your Own path, I get 9 electives.  So, in case if I decide to continue on with Archives, I want to be sure I'm picking one that I really want (but honestly, all of the classes sound interesting which is why this is so hard).  I have a few different classes in my Preferred Section on Simmons Connection to choose between.  I'm deciding between LIS 403: Evaluation of Information Services, LIS 451: Academic Libraries, and LIS 490: International and Comparative Librarianship.  All three classes sound so interesting!  I may add a few different classes to choose from in the run up to registration though.  LIS 451 would probably be the class that would be the most useful for my current job, as I'm currently working as a reference assistant in an academic library; however, all of the classes sound fantastic, and hopefully I'll be able to get in to one of them! 

Aside from registration decisions, life is getting pretty hectic.  There's about a month left in the semester, and we just had a huge project due last week, I have another project due next week, and that's not even mentioning our weekly labs and final project!  Between work, registration decisions, school, and my personal life, I'm really starting to look forward to Thanksgiving, when most of my assignments and projects will be done and turned in, registration will be over, and I can relax (for a few days).   This stressful time comes every semester, and I dread it, but I'm always proud of the work I've accomplished and the things I've learned when I'm done. 

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