Student Snippets


The SLIS Buffet

Hello again! I'm getting ready to register for classes in a few days, and I'm going to explain the way I'm feeling in true English major fashion -- via metaphor.  

I feel as though I am at a Chinese buffet, overwhelmed by mouth watering scents, and surrounded by delicious food. I've already grabbed a tiny bit of scallion pizza, a donut, and a tiny bit of sesame stir fry, and about to go up for round two. But, just as I bounce over to the serving trays, someone walks over and informs me that I can only take NINE MORE BITES of food.

As someone who (both in terms of course work and Chinese food) likes to sample a bit of everything, I can't help but feel a bit distraught. In my advising meeting with Laura Saunders, I arrived armed in true future-librarian fashion) with a color coded Google doc, in which I had ranked by preferred courses per semester.

That said, I know I will be taking LIS 488: Technology for Information Professionals, to complete my program requirements. I'm a little nervous about the tech aspect of the course, but have heard good things about patient professors! I have minimal html coding background as someone who grew up /blogging/, but I'm eager to learn. Keep your fingers crossed for me! 

Because my ultimate life goal is to work as Reference Librarian at a public library, it would also follow that I'm planning to sign up for LIS 450: Public Libraries, as well as LIS 453: Collection Management and Development. If everything works out, LIS 453 will be my first ever online course. I'm sure that will give me all sorts of content to blog about for my loyal readers.

Bonus content: Last week I attended the opening reception for a friend from home//high school's artwork at Turtle Swamp Brewing in Jamaica Plain. It was so good to catch up after what we later figured out was 8(!!!!) years! The great beer and fabulous artwork was just an added perk!

Shameless plug: check out her work here

I'm heading to my alma mater (Mount Holyoke!!!) this weekend to see Keith Hamilton Cobb's American Moor, which is his one man adaptation of Shakespeare's Othello! I'm renting a car for the first time, so it's sure to be an adventure! Check back for updates in my next blog post!