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The Summer Semester Has Begun!

The summer semester has begun!  This summer I am taking one class, LIS 404: Principles of Management.  Summer classes at SLIS are shorter in length than normal semester classes, but have the same amount of work.  My class this summer is only seven weeks long.  You may have noticed in Amie's post that she is also taking LIS 404, and we are both in the same online class section, so that's exciting! 

The really good thing about this class is that all of the course content is available, so we truly can move at our own pace.  There are due dates of course, but if I want to see what assignments are coming up, or work ahead, I have the option to do so.  For my summer course last year, there was a lot of "locked" course content, everyone had to move at the same pace.  I understand the logic behind that, but with the shortened time frame and so many things being due each week, I really appreciate being able to know what is coming up and schedule my time accordingly, instead of getting access to each week as it comes, and scheduling it that way.   When the Moodle page for the course first opened up, my original plan for this course was to try and stay a week ahead---that did not happen.  We're in to Week 2 now, and I am not ahead of the game.  I've been scheduling time every day to work on schoolwork, and I'm chugging along.  There's just so much content.  We have a paper, a crisis communications assignment, and two forums this week, along with readings, notes, and lectures.  All of the things we're learning about are incredibly interesting though. This week we're focusing on Organizational Structure and Communication.  I've been really fascinated by the readings this week because I was a Communication Studies major during undergrad and my concentration was in interpersonal and organizational communication, so I've been making connections with the content that I'm learning now with the content that I learned several years ago. 

This course is going to be a lot of hard work, and it is definitely going to keep me busy, but I'm up for the challenge!