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Summer is Flying By!

Things have been crazy!  Summer is just flying by!  There are only seven weeks in my summer class (LIS 404: Principles of Management), and we are in Week 6, and there is so much left to do.  During these last two weeks, we're learning about Change Management, Grant Writing, Fiscal Responsibility, Budgeting, and Evaluation and Coordination of Library Functions!  So many topics, so little time!  There are still several assignments left to complete, readings to be done, and forums to participate in and it is crunch time. 

I've really enjoyed this class, especially because this class has more of a classroom feel to it.  Even though this is an online course, this class utilizes "wikis" on Moodle where we have discussions that are more personal (like the one about the Jung Typology/Myers Briggs personality test that I mentioned in my last post), so we get to know our classmates.  This past week (Week 5), one of our topics was Motivation and Drive, and we had a discussion on what our motivations were for pursuing our MLIS.  I've only taken online classes at Simmons so far, and while there have been discussion forums that allow us to participate and interact with one another, I really haven't gotten to know or learn about any of my classmates very much.  This class feels more personal, and I really appreciate that.  While all of my classes at Simmons have had lively discussion forums, this class feels more like a class, like we're all on this journey of learning about management and getting our MLIS together, and not sitting behind our computers alone. 

This is the second summer course I've taken, and while on one hand, I have really enjoyed having no schoolwork for several weeks between semesters and getting a little break, I really wish the summer classes were a little bit longer.  Summer classes are half the length of a regular semester course, and while I've enjoyed both summer classes that I've taken, and I've learned so many new skills, the rigorous pace can be difficult at times.  Due to their accelerated nature, it feels like so much more work than a regular semester (and it kind of is because you are accomplishing it in half the time).  The fast pace of the summer classes have definitely been a challenge for me both times around, because in addition to balancing my schoolwork, I'm balancing my job, my personal life, family, etc.  Staying on top of everything can be incredibly difficult, and having good time management skills is imperative.  With that being said, I am happy that I decided to take a summer course this year.  This class has challenged me to think in new ways, I've learned so many practical skills that I can take with me on my educational and professional journey, and I have gotten the opportunity to get to know my classmates. 

Wish me luck for the final push!