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Planning for the Future!

We are now in Week 7 of the Fall 2019 semester!  When I was watching my professor's introductory lecture for this week and she said we were halfway through the semester I almost couldn't believe it!  Then, a couple of days ago, the Spring 2020 course schedule dropped.  My goodness this semester is flying by!

As the Spring 2020 course schedule just dropped, I'm now intensely studying the course schedule, course descriptions, and trying to figure out what my game plan is for next semester (and beyond).  Registration isn't until November, so I have some time to think about what I want to take, and to strategically plan. 

I mentioned in my last post one of the things I was hoping to get out of my current class (LIS 401: Foundations of Library and Information Science), was to sort of get an overview and introduction of what's out there in the LIS world and see what I'm interested in before I dedicated individual classes to topics.  This class has been really interesting, and I've learned a lot about LIS, myself, and what I want to get out of the rest of my time in this program and we're only halfway through!  Even though the class is nowhere near over, I'm already starting to think about some of the topics that I've learned about, and think about the path I'm on.  After this class, I'm going to be halfway through my program.  Before I've gone through the SLIS Course Descriptions List and I've thought that everything sounds interesting and fun, and to a point, it does.  But I don't have unlimited classes, and I have decisions to make.  As I go through this class, reflect on other classes, as well as things that I've learned at work, I've been making notes of topics that I want to learn more about, or that I could see myself taking a whole class on and am cross-referencing that with the Course Descriptions list.   I'm doing this to create a wish list of classes that I would like to round out my time at Simmons with.  I think this is a good start to thinking about my remaining time at Simmons and planning for the future! 

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