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Elizabeth James

I am a recent graduate in History from Yale University, and am currently attending Simmons as an online student in the Archives Management concentration. Previously, I have worked in special collections, a rare book library, and a historic house museum, and currently I live in Wheeling, WV while attending school! In my (not-too-frequent) spare time, I enjoy going to artist's markets, local coffee shops, binding books, and joining enough professional list-servs to spam my e-mail daily. Or, as I say to my friends, I continue working steadily towards becoming the most uninteresting interesting person on the planet.

Entries by Elizabeth James

  • Applying Coursework in Libraries
    Before starting my program, I made a commitment to try and use course assignments to assist local institutions in some way. I wanted my library school experience to be grounded in practice, rather than theory. Even though I am only...
  • Advising -- Should I Take An Internship Course
    One thing I was extremely surprised to note when I started my program online at Simmons was just how approachable the professors were--they responded quickly to any of my requests to speak with them, and were very open to talking...
  • Being An Online SLIS Student
    Like many people, I was initially really skeptical about getting my Master's degree online. I wasn't sure if the classes would be as difficult as in-person courses, and I wanted to make sure I got the best possible experience that...