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Elizabeth Jarcy

Hi, I'm Elizabeth Jarcy, and I'm genuinely terrible at writing about myself. I'm in my second year here at Simmons SLIS in the archives concentration. I live here in Boston (but was born and raised in Texas, yeehaw) and go to the main campus for classes. I work for Simmons graduate nursing admissions and have an internship at the Boston Athenaeum, which is amazing. I love coffee, dogs, goldfish snack crackers, and history. Pretty sure I'm the only active Boston SLIS blogger, so I'll do my best to impart my Beantown wisdom with you all!

Entries by Elizabeth Jarcy

  • Moving Day Advice
    Moving day. Don't be afraid. It's a tedious and crazy couple of days, but the city of Boston has a pretty thorough system, considering that about 90% of leases go up August 31 and September 1st. There's a LOT of...
  • Librarians: Myth and Fact
    During my first year in library school, I'm noticing things about my classmates as well as people in the field. I'm noticing what is and isn't true about people in the library science field and what stereotypes don't hold true....
  • Riding The (Heat) Waves - In Boston
    It's official: summer is HERE, and hotter than ever. Coming from Texas, I'm used to the humidity and heat, but not walking around in it - Texas is too big to walk so everyone drives! But here in the 'Walking...