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Girls Wanna be with the Girls

We have two weeks left in the spring semester. Two weeks! But is that going to keep my friends and me from going out when we have course work and final projects looming over us? Absolutely not!

I'll keep this brief, because now that I've spent all of today procrastinating my work, I should probably start doing it. (Well, I probably should have started doing it at the beginning of the term, as recommended, but it's too late now.)

Here was our day in pictures:


Brunch at Scollay Square. Evidence of cocktails omitted.


Me and fellow SLIS student Amanda Baker, Massachusetts State House in the background.
Photo courtesy of Samantha Quiñon, all rights reserved, 2015.

Screenshot952015-04-12-20-38-32.jpgSLIS student Christina Benedictus "shooting the duck" on Boston Common. 
Photo courtesy of Meaghan Kinton, all rights reserved, 2015


And then we went to the movies and saw The Longest Ride, but really we just went to look at Scott Eastwood.
He's a good actor, okay? Meme by Sara Davis.


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First Fridays

My friends and I have a sort of tradition, though I don't know if that's really the proper word. Maybe it's habit or ritual or pattern. Anyway, I'm talking about how we always congregate monthly at the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) for its "First Fridays" event, which happens on the evening of --you guessed it-- the first Friday of every month. We do this for many reasons. First of all, the MFA is beautiful, and it's a completely different experience seeing it lit up at night. It's also only about two blocks from the main campus, so the location is convenient. Additionally, we all get in for free with our Simmons student IDs. (This is also true at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, which is literally right next door.)

Just to reiterate: We have an amazing museum nearby open late with plenty to explore and free admission. If those aren't enough reasons to go, the event also sells drinks for a reasonable price (rare in Boston) and has a tasty assortment of light snacks. On top of that, a deejay spins music, which people more inclined (or intoxicated) than I am to dance seem to enjoy. All of this serves as the backdrop for a night when my friends and I catch up and forget about pressing assignments.

So if you're ever in the neighborhood when the event is happening, feel free to join us. We're the slightly tipsy, nerdy, dressed down patrons huddled together walking room to room either in awe of the artwork or making snarky, elitist jokes about it (which incidentally is a great way to blow off steam).


A view of First Friday from the third floor of the MFA. Photo by Samantha Quiñon. All rights reserved 2015.

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Productivity and the Spring

How is it already Spring semester?

I feel like the break just flew by, and to be honest, I didn't even really do that much!

I volunteered a couple of times. I had my book club meet. I read ten books or so. I watched a lot of movies. I watched an entire season of Scandal, and Cousins on Call. (I watch an honestly embarrassing amount of television shows.)

But I didn't really do that much.

I have the hardest time compelling myself to do things if I'm not busy. If I have a whole bunch of things happening, I manage to get a whole lot of things done. But if I'm completely free all day--I do absolutely nothing. Well, I don't stare at the wall. I read stuff online. I spend a lot of time on Tumblr or twitter. I watch a lot of TV.  But I feel like once the semester starts again, I'm more productive. Of course, there's always the initial confusion of trying to get back into the swing of things, but once the first week or two passes, I feel so much better about life.

I know that people typically do resolutions at the turn of the year, but I think it's vital to constantly be thinking about ways in which I can be a better person. Thus, one of the things I'm trying to be better at is being productive outside the bounds of school. For me, because I'm mostly interested in YA and children's books, this means reading a lot of that genre. It means keeping a different blog where I can talk about the books I read and the reasons I love YA books so much. It means doing more than just hanging out.

I don't want to be a workaholic, but I kind of think I might just have that type of personality.

What do you do when you have free time? Is it as important to you to stay busy as it is to me?

Either way, welcome back to another semester.

All the best--


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