SOM Funds New CGO Research Stream

CGO is pleased to announce that the School of Management is funding a year-long research effort:  Gender in All Its Complexities:  Using the Simultaneity Model to Explore Multiple Differences and Gender Intersections in Organizations. Headed by CGO scholar, Evangelina Holvino, this research project will engage CGO Affiliates based both at the School of Management and other institutions in the application of this model through a variety of activities and events such as seminars, research, and publications. The simultaneity model views differences as multiple, interacting and continuously shaped by the organizational and societal processes of race, gender, class, sexuality, ethnicity and nation, among other social differences. The project goal is to deepen the scholarship in this area to more fully inform the education of women and advance gender equity in all its complexity in all types of organizations. CGO thanks SOM Dean Cathy Minehan for her support of this innovative research project.