Eight months down, eight to go!

Earning an MBA in sixteen months is no mean feat. Deadlines for projects and papers come and go quickly, and before you know it one semester is winding down while another is about to begin.  In the fast-paced environment of the full-time program, weeks and months pass in the blink of an eye.  I was recently surprised to find myself nearing the halfway point of my time in the SOM. Is it really almost May? An id the answer is yes (I'm afraid it is), how does my experience compare to the expectations I had when I stepped foot on campus in September?

I could go on about all the things I've learned in the last eight months.  I can throw around phrases like "customer lifetime value" and "inventory impairment" with confidence.  I can analyze and resolve complicated management situations within the confines of a one-page memo in my sleep (okay, maybe not quite that easily, although that would really help me cut down on my sleep deficit).  I may only be halfway through the program, but I am already sure that the tools we pick up and resources we gain throughout our short time here will continue to serve us well throughout our careers. 

When I made the decision to come to Simmons, I expected to be challenged academically and to develop myself as a leader.  What I have learned so far has already exceeded my expectations, and so I look forward to the next eight months of learning.  I am especially excited to apply what I have learned so far as I begin my internship this summer - stay tuned for updates!