The Life of a Dual-Degree Candidate

When I tell my friends that I am pursuing two Masters degrees at the same time, they often think I'm crazy. Pursuing one Masters degree is challenging enough never mind two. As a dual degree candidate at Simmons Gender/Cultural Studies (GCS) and Communication Management (MCM) Programs I have learned a great deal, most of how to balance my workload and ensure that I stay same when finals time come around.

I was drawn to the GCS/MCM program because it provided me a unique opportunity to merge two areas of interests, the Social Science and providing information to small businesses. Being a native of the Boston area, I knew that Simmons was well known for both of these programs, so it really was a natural fit! Now that I'm in the program, I love that I am able to bring different perspective to each one of the classrooms that I sit in. While the workload is often challenging it is incredibly rewarding. Now that I have only four classes left before I graduate, I am excited and nervous about the opportunities that lie ahead. Check back with me next time when I talk about Summer classes and balancing Summer vacation!