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Students in the Communications Management Program Launch the Inaugural Issue of Management Magazine

This month, the students of the Simmons School of Management's Communications Management Program launched the inaugural issue of Management Magazine. Highlighted articles include:

From the First Stitch
Eileen Fisher has crafted a brand based on values embraced by employees and customers

Curing The Business of Health Care
Managers are the ones to help bring the industry back to health

More Than a Fashion Statement
Professor Teresa Nelson explains how female entrepreneurs build savvy businesses

... as well as regular sections on many topics, including Gender & Leadership, Doing Well by Doing Good, Principled Leadership, Breaking the Glass Ceiling.

Read the inaugural issue of Management Magazine (PDF)

MBA Oath

One of the most impressive aspects of the Simmons MBA program is its focus on principled leadership. It's woven throughout our curriculum, embodied by our faculty and now, as students, we have the opportunity to take our dedication to principled leadership the next level.

Our Net Impact chapter recently introduced the MBA Oath, a new initiative here at the SOM that allows graduating students to pledge their commitment to "create value responsibly and ethically" throughout their careers.

Here at Simmons, the initiative is led by Bonita Yip, a colleague of mine in the full-time program. Bonita writes, "For those that aren't familiar with the MBA Oath, it was started by two Harvard MBA students as a response to the 2009 recession. All MBA programs came under fire for not upholding ethical business principles, which resulted in the financial crisis. By pledging to the oath, which is aligned with our Simmons principled leadership curriculum, it promotes ethical decision making in the normal course of business."

Businesswomen are Lukewarm on the Effectiveness of Women's Networks

Bucking the notion that the establishment of a women's network at work is a key strategy to advancing women in organizations, a new survey finds that many businesswomen have a lukewarm opinion about the ability of these groups to promote their careers.

In a study conducted at the 2011 Simmons College Leadership Conference with a lead conference sponsor HP, women said they believe the efficacy of a women's network at work is only as strong as a company's investment in the group and the depth of its connection with the overall organizational strategy. Specifically, the study found that women believe these networks were of particular value when they provided skill-building opportunities (training, mentoring, coaching) and visibility (exposure to senior management.)

UAE Travel Course Promotes Globally Inclusive Leadership

Students say Experience was Transformative

Professor Lynda Moore, accompanied by Professor Deborah Marlino, took 16 MBA students to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for nine days in March. The study-travel course focused on a cross-cultural comparative analysis of Emirati women business leaders.

"I am sure this course is unique among MBA programs in the world as it reflects our mission to educate women for power and principled leadership with a global, cross-cultural, and sustainable view," said Professor Moore. "It was a transformative experience for the students and broadened their perspectives about leadership, the Middle East and the UAE in particular, and developed in them a more nuanced and culturally sensitive view of women leaders."

Finding your Forté

Ever wondered if there was someone out there who could answer all of your questions about business school the moment they popped into your head?

If this sounds like something you'd like, then you must check out the Forté Foundation. It's a fabulous resource for women in business, whether you're hunting for the perfect school for you, searching for a summer internship, or about to graduate and looking for some advice on how to find a mentor. Forté played a huge role in my decision to go to business school and now, almost a year into my program, I still find myself tuning into webinars (our very own Stacy Blake-Beard moderated one just last month!), checking the blogs, and waiting for the newsletter to pop up in my inbox.