MBA Oath

One of the most impressive aspects of the Simmons MBA program is its focus on principled leadership. It's woven throughout our curriculum, embodied by our faculty and now, as students, we have the opportunity to take our dedication to principled leadership the next level.

Our Net Impact chapter recently introduced the MBA Oath, a new initiative here at the SOM that allows graduating students to pledge their commitment to "create value responsibly and ethically" throughout their careers.

Here at Simmons, the initiative is led by Bonita Yip, a colleague of mine in the full-time program. Bonita writes, "For those that aren't familiar with the MBA Oath, it was started by two Harvard MBA students as a response to the 2009 recession. All MBA programs came under fire for not upholding ethical business principles, which resulted in the financial crisis. By pledging to the oath, which is aligned with our Simmons principled leadership curriculum, it promotes ethical decision making in the normal course of business."

If you want to read the oath in its entirety and view a list of Simmons MBA grads who recently took the pledge, head on over to Bonita's post on our Net Impact blog. I hope you will consider joining us in support of the MBA Oath!