"Girl Rising"

On Friday, April 26, 2013 the Simmons College and Simmons School of Management hosted a movie screening of "Girl Rising," a film about 9 girls from 9 different countries who all have something in common, they all have incredible inner strength and are determined to make change by pursuing their education.

They were told they were worthless, and were discarded by society. However, determination is a powerful thing. All 9 girls were determined, no matter how many times they were told "No," they were determined to persevere and rise above.

Educating girls has not only an impact on their family, community and country; educating girls also has an effect on society. Societies who do not educate girls are essentially losing out on half of their population that could contribute towards their GDP; and for still developing nations, this could make a huge impact. Education is clearly the key to moving up in life. Education has the power to make change. And no change is too small. Girls are clearly worth the investment.

After the film ended, the group was very silent and still; everything we just saw needed sink in. We then held a discussion about what we thought about the film and shared some of our personal experiences about pursuing an education. Some of the students also had similar backgrounds to those featured in the film and it was incredibly moving to learn about their experiences, their struggles and successes, as well as their journey here to Simmons.

Our culture here at Simmons is very student centric, and the film really resonates with the values of Simmons; placing education and students at the forefront of everything. The screening and discussion made me feel as if I won the education lottery. I feel incredibly lucky to have gone to school as a youth, and to now continue my studies and pursue my MBA here at Simmons School of Management. We are our parents' hopes and dreams for a better life and future of the world and my education here at the SOM will help achieve their hopes and dreams.

But yet, I still wondered, "What can I do help and to make a difference now?" Well, you could start a movement and get the conversation started. Take action and attend a screening or host a screening. Or you could donate to the 10x10 Fund for Girl's Education. I have discussed the film with several friends here at the SOM and shared it with several high-school girls from my hometown to inspire them to continue their education.

To learn more about the film, "Girl Rising" or to view the trailer, please visit their website by clicking here.