A Message to Graduating Students

Graduation is an important time to reflect on our experience here at Simmons. For those who are graduating, you are about to embark on a new exciting chapter in your life. You have challenged yourself academically, pushed yourself in many ways, developed your leadership skills, and now is your time to soar to new heights.

You leave here with an education from the Top MBA Program for Women, but you also leave here with new friendships that will last a lifetime as you now join the Simmons Alumnae/i Network. Simmons prides itself on our strong alumnae/i network, and it was an element that I admired about the program when I applied.

In the short time that I have been here at Simmons, many of the SOM Alumnae/i have given their time to mentor or be a support to students. I have found each and every alumnae/i's advice to be exceptionally helpful as I continue my studies. It's an uplifting feeling to know that I have this great group of supportive women who are essentially my cheerleaders.

I spoke with an SOM Alumna several weeks ago about her experiences as a student and what advice she could give me while I'm currently in the program. She told me that I am here in the MBA program to develop my skills, or rather "powers" as a businesswoman, and to make them into "super powers." I may be good at some things when I first entered school, but when I graduate, I will have transformed and I will be great at these things. The advice I was given has inspired me, and I look forward to the day when I can pay it forward and give advice to fellow SOM students when I become an Alumna.

Graduation signifies the end to a journey, but the start of a new one. Obtaining your MBA is a great achievement and should be celebrated. And today at last, you can say, "I did it! I have super powers!" Congratulations to all of the graduating students!!