The Simmons Experience is More Than Just Classes

When starting graduate school, one may never think about the opportunities it has to offer past the pages of reading and numerous papers that need to be written. Some graduate students may only have time to complete their course work and earn a degree. If you have time to explore outside of the classroom, there are a lot of great learning opportunities on the Simmons campus.

In February of this year, Professor Vieira approached me about managing the recruitment of volunteers for the  2013 District one National Student Advertising Competition. Simmons School of Management was one of the sponsors for the event and it was the first time it was ever held on the Simmons' campus. Eight schools from across New England including Roger Williams University, Emerson College, Johnson and Wales University, and Simmons College competed in this event for placement in the national finals being held in June. Each school had 20 minutes to present their marketing/advertising campaign for Glidden paint products to a panel of judges. The judges were from top ad agencies from across the U.S. such as Arnold Worldwide, Hill Holliday, AMP Agency, and Digital Influence.

The hard work and creative ideas that were presented by these undergraduate students was amazing.  My role in ensuring the flow of the day was consistent and recruiting and managing the volunteer staff made me feel an important part of the event. The student volunteers as well as myself were also exposed to numerous amounts of networking opportunities.

Even though this event may have taken me briefly away from some required readings and papers for my two Communications Management classes - I felt the experience of this event added even more substance to my master's degree here at Simmons School of Management. I was not only able to network with organizations in my field (Marketing/Advertising/Communications) but also gain valuable experience in event planning and running a team from start to finish. If I can offer you some words of advice for making your master's program more than just classes, tests, and papers, it would be to get involved as much as you can! As they say - you never know who you will meet or what you will run into!