Grad-School Advice: Time Management

I thought it would be helpful to give incoming students some weekly advice about business school. This week, I wanted to focus on time management. It's an important skill to learn regardless if you are in graduate school or not.

Time management - Going to grad school is like having a full-time job (especially if you're a full-time student or even part-time and just taking one or two classes). You can no longer cram things in last minute as you may have as an undergraduate student. Classes, studying, writing papers etc... are a big time commitment, and you need to plan accordingly. A simple two-page paper takes me a few hours to draft, review, and then edit before submission. So my biggest tip is to not leave any assignments to the day before they are due and constantly prioritize your to-do list.

Another tip about time management, which I feel is VERY important, is to get a physical date book / calendar, and write out ALL of your deliverables in one place. You'll feel less overwhelmed about when things are due, and you can better plan how much time to spend on papers or group projects. I actually have a white board in my apartment on my bedroom door that has all of my assignment due dates written. I found it to be very helpful, especially the weeks leading up to finals; it was a great visual reminder that I needed to think about how to prioritize my time for various projects and such. My favorite part is crossing out an assignment once I completed it!

Last but not least, be sure to squeeze in some "Me" time between all of your papers and projects. This is something that Mary Dutkiewicz pressed upon you during your Foundations of Business class. Scheduling in some "Me" time is very important - you're not a paper-writing machine. So be sure to find time between your assignments to do something just for you, at least once per week. During my "Me" time I learned that I enjoy doing yoga. An hour or two a week and it helps me relax and regroup to tackle my projects. This is huge, and I would think more so for part-time students who are also juggling a career and/or a family. Because grad school demands quite a bit of your time, it's important to make "Me" time. Also, at the end of every semester, I treat myself to a massage as mini reward for a job well done!

Be sure to check out the blog next week where I'll have another bit of advice for you to ponder over! Until next time, enjoy!