Prepping for the GMAT? Tips from the Student Experience Blog

Standardized testing may be the bane of any student's existence, but it's a necessary "evil" to further along your studies, and subsequently further along your career. And the GMATs are no exception. Preparation is key to your success for this three and a half hour-long exam that tests you on your analytical writing, integrated reasoning, quantitative, and verbal skills.

There are many ways to prepare and study for the GMAT, and you need to decide which studying method will best prepare you for this exam. I purchased an official GMAT review book, which had practice exams and a detailed answer section so I could check my work. I studied on my own time, tackling some practice questions here and there. In hindsight, I wish I had signed up for an actual class to help strategize the best ways to study... and if I'm honest, there were some days where I did not hold myself accountable to studying for the exam.

Since I did not take a GMAT Prep Course, I asked several students from my cohort what their thoughts were about a formal course. Carrie Flynn, with whom I've taken several classes with said that, "The GMAT Prep Course here at Simmons was especially helpful for me. It kept me on track of what I should be studying and gave me some 'best practice' tips for prepping for the exam too." 

The GMAT Prep Course that will be offered here at Simmons, is offered both on-campus or online. It is designed to offer you studying tips, test and build upon your quantitative, analytical and verbal skills, as well as time management techniques and what to expect on test day. 

Another student, Brie Ryan, commented that, "It was helpful to take an actual course with the prep class because it got me back in the school groove and allowed me to dust off my academic time management skills." Whichever way you decide is the best way to study for the GMATs, either studying on your own as I did or taking the GMAT Prep Course, you need to be strategic about it. 

The deadline to register for the GMAT Prep Course is October 25th! Click on the link to get more information or to register for the Bell Curves 20-Hour GMAT Express Preparation Course (Online or On-site at Simmons)