Inside the Simmons SOM Career Expo

The SOM hosted its annual Career Expo on October 24, 2013. Several top Boston employers attended, many of whom had current job openings or positions in the pipeline for May graduating students.

Career Fair October 2013The Career Expo, hosted by the Career Services Office, is one of the best networking events on campus. Our CSO team did a great job bringing in a variety of companies who are hiring here in the Boston area, some of whom included: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Liberty Mutual Insurance, and Dunkin' Brands to name just a few. 

The event consisted of several networking rounds, in which students were able to visit from company to company,  to learn more about the organizations, current positions, and even to schedule one-on-one interviews with recruiters later in the session.

During the event, I interviewed with three companies. It's a best practice to be prepared knowing several key items about the organizations you're most interested in, some of which may include: what products/services they offer, financial information, and/or company or industry news-related items. Another prep point that Agnes Ebbs, Director of CSO, strongly suggested we prepare was our reason for wanting to work with each of our target companies. Every employer that I interviewed with asked, "So tell me, why are you interested in XYZ Company?" And that's when I was able to bring up the talking points had prepared, which I leveraged into reasons why I wanted to work for XYZ Company. Lastly, I very much appreciated how there were many Alumnae/i who attended the Career Expo looking to help SOM students who will be graduating soon; it was very encouraging to see them so willing to help out.

All in all,  the Career Expo event was a great success! The next step for me is to follow up with all of the employers I met with, thank them, and naturally apply for the jobs that I'm most interested in! Click here for more information about the Career Expo.