SOM Dean Cathy Minehan Quoted in The Boston Globe on the Mayor's Women's Workforce Council

Simmons School of Management Dean Cathy Minehan was quoted in The Boston Globe on Mayor Menino's Women's Workforce Council's efforts to make Boston the number 1 city for working women by eliminating the gender wage gap. The Mayor plans to announce this initiative on October 31, when he rolls out a compact signed by 38 employers.

"Menino has made working women a cornerstone of his agenda in his last year in office, creating initiatives for small business owners, girls and technology, and wage negotiation. By the end of the year, he hopes to have at least 50 companies dedicated to learning the causes of the wage gap, putting measures in place to equalize pay, and participating in a biennial review of their progress."

Dean Cathy Minehan is Chair of the Women's Workforce Council. "Many thought the gulf between men's and women's salaries would disappear as more women entered the workforce. The gap has shrunk from the gaping 59 cents to the dollar in the early 1960s, but even now, with women making up about half the labor force, the divide is still stark.

"When I graduated college in the dark ages, in 1968, you thought, these problems are going to take care of themselves," said Dean Minehan. The thinking, she said, was "All you need is a few people getting ahead and the rest will follow. It doesn't happen."

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