What Does Simmons Mean to You?

October is synonymous with many things: the start of fall and cooler weather, the end of baseball and start of football, Breast Cancer Awareness month, etc... and, as I recently found out, it is also the month when Simmons College founder, John Simmons, was born (October 30, 1796).

Simmons College was founded in 1899, and this year marks the 40th year in which the SOM was established in 1973 when the first MBA program in the world designed specifically for women was created. Since then, the SOM has added several other degrees including the new Health Care MBA degree.

When I was asked what Simmons meant to me, I was a little dumbfounded as my initial thought was, "EVERYTHING!" I essentially live at the SOM as I'm here four or five days out of the week for one of my five classes, my part-time job as a Graduate Assistant for the Admission and Marketing Department for the SOM, or I'm simply here to study. So there must be some reason why I love being here!sim20130506-0674.jpg

Women's college graduates are often trailblazers, and I've realized that I aspire to inspire. I have a younger sister who is a sophomore in high school, and I wonder how often she looks up to me, do I inspire her, am I leader in her eyes? I'm sure that she does look up to me, and that I do inspire her to do great things in her life. I don't believe that I need to inspire a million people to make a difference; I just need to make a big difference in at least one person's life.

I am proud to be a Simmons Graduate student, as it is giving me the opportunity to personally and professionally learn and grow, but being a student here is also giving me another opportunity to be a role model for my little sister. 

But I'm curious, why are you proud to attend Simmons School of Management? Share with us on Facebook or on Twitter your favorite Simmons moments!