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Dean Cathy Minehan and SOM Students Featured on NPR

Dean Cathy Minehan and students from Simmons School of Management were featured in the NPR piece "How Boston Is Trying to Eliminate The Gender Wage Gap". In the interview, Dean Minehan discusses her work leading the citywide council that has so far persuaded 44 businesses to sign a pledge to close the wage gap. Dean Minehan says the most crucial step for is for companies to statistically assess their own wage data. "Sometimes, people reject the idea that we have an issue until they actually see their data," she said. "And then they say to themselves, 'Huh?' ".

Changing the Face of Leadership for a Sustainable World

Join Simmons School of Management's Principled Leadership class, Net Impact, and the Simmons Sustainability Club for a screening of's Do The Math, with panel and community discussions involving principled leaders in the Simmons community. This event is free and open to the Simmons community and friends.

Dispatches from the Women's Networking Circuit: Women Moving Millions

Jacki Zehner, the Chief Engagement Officer & President of Women Moving Millions, gave an inspiring talk at the Boston Club earlier this year. She believes that at that heart of gender inequality is a dominant belief in a "properly working meritocracy" but that the reality is that the current system heavily favors those who fit a particular mold. She talked about the slow pace of change to date, and why she thinks that today we are on the brink of major change:

Dean Cathy Minehan on NPR'S Here & Now

Dean Cathy Minehan was a guest on NPR's Here & Now discussing Janet Yellen, President Obama's nominee to succeed Ben Bernanke as Chair of the Federal Reserve Bank. In the interview, Dean Minehan tells Here & Now that she's not yet worried about inflation, but she is worried about the the tight rope Yellen will face: The still slow recovery needs the help of the Fed's stimulus programs, but continuing those programs for too long could lead to inflation.

Hear the interview with Dean Cathy Minehan


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Women's Advancement -- Male Allies Please

When Twitter begins trading publicly this month, it will do so with a board composed entirely of white men. Thirty or 40 years ago, this may not have been strange; I daresay that few would have questioned this decision at all. But today, with women's substantial use of social media, I am truly shocked that a major corporation would allow such a gross oversight.

Closing the wage gap in Boston

Opion Piece in The Boston Globe By Victoria A. Budson, Dean Cathy Minehan and Alison A. Quirk

Boston has taken a major step toward Mayor Tom Menino's vision for the city to become the best in the United States for working women by closing the wage gap: Business leaders gathered earlier this week to sign 100% Talent: The Boston Women's Compact.

Preparing your spring application? Tips from someone who has been in this exact situation, IT IS POSSIBLE!

For many prospective students thinking about applying for the Simmons School of Management Spring 2014 start, there is a question of just how feasible it would be. With the month of October coming to an end and the deadline of December first not too far in the distance, the window of opportunity is growing smaller and smaller as each day passes. From someone who has been in this exact situation, IT IS POSSIBLE!