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Dispatches from the Women's Networking Circuit: Temporal Flexibility

Spela Trefalt and Emily Heaphy spoke about "temporal flexibility" or how working people can have some control over their time, so they can manage the many demands at work and at home. Both presenters are wives, mothers, and full-time academics, so they live this every day.

They talked with a group of consultants about work/life balance, and discovered that what they really want is the ability to adjust their schedules to accommodate their needs and interests outside of work. That could look like compressed work weeks, shifted work hours, or even ad hoc accommodations. Part time work wouldn't be considered temporal flexibility.

Study Groups: A Key to Surviving Grad School

During my first semester as a full-time MBA student last fall, it took me just a few short weeks to realize that study groups were going to be my key to survival.  Many of your professors will tell you this - they often comment that if they notice a student is struggling in their class, the first question they'll ask is "are you working with a study group?" I'm here to tell you: listen to those professors.  They know a thing or two!

Dispatches from the Women's Networking Circuit: The Hidden Power of Context

situations matter.jpgSam Sommers from Tufts University spoke this week at the HR Leadership Forum on The Hidden Power of Context (in your work and your world). This program particularly resonates with me because at Simmons we pay a lot of attention to understanding and responding to context.

Sommers' thesis is that if we can learn to do a better job of fully appreciating our context and acknowledging how our environment shapes our thoughts and actions, we can be more effective. Here's his argument:

Getting your MBA: Part-time or full-time?

When I started the MBA program at Simmons, I was a part-time student.  Then, last fall I transitioned to the full-time program.  And now, this fall I'm transitioning back to part-time to finish the program.  Having experienced both options, I feel I am uniquely qualified to help prospective students think through what might be best for them.  Read on for my top 5 things to consider before choosing a part-time or full-time schedule!