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The "Why Simmons?" Series: Part 1

As a graduate assistant for the admissions team here at the School of Management, I speak with a lot of prospective students.  One of the questions I get asked most often is "why did you choose Simmons?" My next few blog posts will address this important question, so read on and stay tuned! I hope it helps you decide if Simmons is the right place for you.

Simmons College to Host Public Forums on National Health Care Reform, Feb. 25, April 3 & 14

BOSTON (February 20, 2014) -- In an effort to broaden public understanding of national health care reform, Simmons College will host a series of forums to explore changes in health care legislation from an economic, policy, and provider perspective. The forums, which will be held Feb. 25, April 3, and April 14, are free and open to the public.

The gatherings are a joint collaboration among Simmons's College of Arts and ScienceSchool of Nursing and Health Sciences, and School of Management.

Homework Time? A Balancing Act

I have gotten several questions on how much home work we have to do in the Healthcare MBA program. It is a very important consideration when weighing the undertaking of such a rigorous program.

The question of how much homework we have per week depends on several factors. I believe the canned response is that for every hour that you are in class you should expect to spend two hours preparing. In actuality, the answer depends a lot on you. I have found that a major contributing factor in homework time is your previous knowledge on the topic of the class. Example, if you have taken an accounting class during undergrad you may not need to spend as much time as your classmates on your accounting homework. Another factor is the type of class. This is true for the subject matter (quantitative versus qualitative) as well as the class format (blended versus totally in person). 

Another factor to take into consideration is the amount of time that you have been out of school... I know personally that there was a definite learning curve. It took me a while to get back into the swing of doing school work. I had to relearn study habits and find a new groove now that I have both a full time job and family life to balance. What worked best for me and what I would highly recommend is to carve out a set time for your school work. Some people work better in small bursts throughout the week. Others find it helpful to have a whole day dedicated to schoolwork. Again, it depends on personal preference as well as your school-work-life balance, but in the end it is important that you find what works best for you.     

Simmons Ranked Tier 1 MBA by CEO Magazine

(February 6, 2014) - The Simmons School of Management was ranked a "Tier One MBA" by CEO Magazine and the International Graduate Forum's (IGF). "The rankings are based on key performance indicators considered to be of interest and value to students.Thus, international diversity, class size, student work experience, faculty-to-student ratio, and faculty qualifications - both academic and professional - have been given considerable weight. Schools ranked highly by the IGF in CEO Magazine have been successful in this goal."