Dinner with the President!

As a smaller college, Simmons is able to create an intimate and personalized experience that is catered to each student's needs. I think most of my classmates would agree that our classes have the right amount of students to diversify and enrich discussions without feeling overwhelmed or overlooked.

Another benefit of a smaller school is access. This past St. Patrick's Day, I was one of the lucky 18 graduate students who got to dine with the President of Simmons College, Helen Drinan! Despite her busy schedule, President Drinan often makes time to meet with both undergraduate and graduate students to discuss important topics and get to know their perspective. To attend, students needed to be one of the first few to RSVP.

Although I'm sure President Drinan would have liked to host more than 18 students, it was the perfect size for great conversation. We began the evening with introductions, and at President Drinan's request, a comment about our experience at Simmons. Despite being from different disciplines and programs, I was pleased to hear that all of us had only positive things to say about our time at Simmons! The tone was informal as President Drinan invited us to ask questions and speak about our experiences. President Drinan was happy to answer questions about the future of the Simmons campus and programs, clarified the differences between adjunct and tenured faculty, and offered advice on balancing a graduate program with a life. She even agreed to take a selfie with me at the end of the night!

The dinner with President Drinan gave me great memories in the form of great conversation, meeting more graduate students, and an awesome selfie with President Drinan herself! It also made me feel like an important part of the Simmons Community. Events like this, where students get a chance to spend time with key administrators, faculty, alums, and other students are frequent at Simmons, which is a great benefit of having a smaller campus. Here at Simmons, we are all participating in each other's experience!