As much as I can't believe I've finished my first semester of the Simmons MBA program, the past fifteen weeks have been a long list of accomplishments! I've survived (and thrived) through the application process, my first midterms, case analyses, projects, and FINALS! It was a steep learning curve, but Simmons was there to help every step of the way.

Looking back, Simmons set me up for success from the very beginning, so it's no surprise that I ended my first semester so positively. Even as a prospective student, the admissions office was more than happy to help me navigate the admissions process. Before the official start of the semester, the Foundations of Business class gave newly admitted students a "head start" on B-school by giving us a week-long introduction to Simmons, case studies, online tools, career services, student organizations, library services, and much more! It was also great to meet other new students before classes started. 

Once the semester got going, I definitely had to make adjustments. Working full time on top of going to school is not easy, but it's doable! Thankfully, Simmons faculty are fully aware of how intense the adjustment is. My professors were very clear about how they are here to help us succeed, and not to hesitate to contact them with any questions or concerns. One thing Simmons students will tell you is the key to getting it all done is to schedule EVERYTHING. They're right. Sticking to my life calendar helped me get through my "to-do" list without feeling too overwhelmed. Whether it was office hours, tutoring appointment, Simmons events, or even study time itself, it went on the calendar. It also allowed me to allot time to do something fun, and take a break from all that studying. Another Simmons tip that I heard a lot was to use a study group. When I heard this one, I was pretty nervous about finding the "right" group but Simmons was one step ahead of me! In both of my classes, a big part of the overall grade is based on a group project. The group project was a great opportunity to get to know some fellow classmates, and to make some study buddies! Having at least one other study buddy helps to keep you accountable for the work, and on task. You can even bring your study buddy (or buddies) to the tutoring center!

Graduate school is not easy, but all that hard work makes it rewarding. So far, everything I've done, from submitting my application to turning in my final paper, has been an investment towards a brighter future. A lot of how this semester turned out was due to me rolling up my sleeves and getting to it, but I couldn't have done it without the support of Simmons. And now on to summer classes...