Need homework help? There's a Tutor for That!

When I saw that my first semester of business school included "Financial Reporting and Analysis," a required course for the MBA program, I was a bit concerned about how challenging it would be. Having earned my degree in comparative literature (years ago), it's been a while since I've taken a math-related course, and honestly, numbers isn't my strongest suit. Needless to say, I was a little worried. I know I'm not alone in this respect. Even my classmates who have worked with accounts in their jobs aren't completely comfortable with the some of the accounting ideas we go over in class. Luckily for us though, as Simmons students we're able to seek the assistance of Simmons Tutorial Services! 

The Tutoring Center, located on the first floor of the Simmons Library, offers one-on-one tutoring as well as group sessions, which are reserved ahead of time using an online schedule, with a limit of up to 2-hours per week. This came in handy when I attempted to complete my homework but couldn't interpret my pre-spring break notes from class. I tried retracing my steps from the in-class handout, but just couldn't figure it out! Instead of tearing anymore of my hair out, I went online and signed up for a tutoring session. The registration process for the tutoring center is as easy as it is for any other website: enter your email address, create your password, and click on the confirmation link via email. Once registered, I found the appropriate tutor listed under the drop down menu of courses. From there, a color-coded calendar showed my tutor's availability for the rest of the semester, making it easy enough for me to block out a couple of hours to get back on track!

When I prepared for my first tutoring session, I worried about my lack of questions and abundance of confusion. Have you ever been so perplexed by something that you don't even know what to ask? Luckily, my tutor was ready for anything. When I told her that I had trouble figuring out where to begin, she simply started at the beginning. She had an excellent handle on what my professor liked to focus on and patiently went over concepts until I felt comfortable enough to move on; I left that session feeling motivated to try the homework again on my own. When another challenging subject came up in class, my study partner and I made a joint tutoring session to go over some homework problems together. We left the session ready to take the next class quiz!

For those of us who need help with writing (including help with citing and brainstorming), the Writing Center has a similar online system for booking appointments. Although I have yet to seek their assistance, I'm sure that I will one day soon!

It's never too late, or too early, to seek help with classes! Whether you get that help from your study group, professor, tutor, or all of them-- knowing that help is just a click away is a great comfort.

Be sure to register for the Tutoring Center at, and for the Writing Center at!