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Behavioral Health Support Specialist

Under the general direction of Population Health Management, the Behavioral Health Support Specialist at Partners Community HealthCare, Inc. will be an integral part of the depression integration care team providing support to patients and physician practices regarding depression management for adults with varying levels of depression, with the goal to expand to other behavioral health conditions in the future. Works collaboratively with the team to implement evidence-based services for primary care patients utilizing tools and training from IMPACT Collaborative Care model and Partners HealthCare.


• Ensure systematic screening of adults for depression, using evidence-based screening forms.
• Use a variety of educational materials, brief intervention techniques, and community resources to engage patients, increase their motivation to change, and support patients in establishing behavior change goals and implementing plans to meet those goals.
• Maintain accurate and up-to-date records and standardized data on all patients.
• Effectively communicate with the patient and care team.
• Systematically review the caseload with the consulting psychiatrist each week.
• Participate in development of maintenance plan with patients to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.
• Works with LICSW and referral specialist on finding community resources for patient.


• Bachelor's degree, preferably in social work, counseling, health education, psychology, or behavioral health 
• Minimum 2 years in relevant setting (health care and/or behavioral health)
• Valid driver's license
• Comfort with a patient-centered approach 
• Aptitude in problem-solving and behavioral change strategies (i.e. Motivational Interviewing and Behavioral Activation)
• Ability to serve as a critical liaison to facilitate connections between people 
• Ability and willingness to work in a time-limited, structured, and solution-focused environment
• Ability and willingness to function independently and proactively in a primary health care setting
• Ability to maintain a professional stance if conflicts arise with other staff
• Flexibility to adapt to unforeseen needs or circumstances
• Effective use of the Internet and Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel and Outlook

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