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Director of Social Services

This position is a critical management position in the Department of Health and Human Services, responsible for the strategic design and implementation of social services for all the residents of Newton, serving across the lifespan from infants through seniors. The position requires clinical and administrative supervisory experience, the ability to develop and mobilize teams made up of internal and external partners, demonstrated oral and written communication skills, and experience with program evaluation and continuous performance improvement.

Works with and supervises a small social services team to determine the needs of residents and to coordinate mental health and social services directly with clients and through referrals

Develops and implements clear, responsive protocols to serve client needs in a timely and effective manner, leveraging limited social service personnel and resources to their greatest potential

Leads, consults and actively participates in emergency and/or crisis situation

Researches and compiles resources for clients for referrals 

 Identifies areas of unmet need, advocating for more comprehensive services when necessary

Oversees various grants and programs such as fuel assistance, emergency food and shelter grant, and holiday gift drives

Convenes and facilitates goal oriented working groups consisting of diverse stakeholders from across city departments, school based services, nonprofits, health care institutions, resident advisors and more, to identify areas of need and develop and implement impactful responses. These might include issues such as: hoarding, substance abuse, elderly abuse, utility advocacy, human trafficking, emergency shelter, housing, transportation, workforce development, and access to quality child care.

Individuals Interested in the above position must submit a resume, cover letter and City of Newton application form detailing your interest in this position and qualifications to