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Program Manager- Behavioral Health Integration

The BHI Program Manager will provide overall administrative management of the Integrated Program, including the Adult Integration Demonstration Pilot Program and the Child/Adolescent Pediatric Medical Home Project. The position has dual reporting to the Director of BHS and the Chief Medical Officer.

The following are to be included, additional duties may be assigned:
Provide administrative oversight for all Behavioral Health/Primary Care integration efforts, including program management, budgeting, and grants administration/reporting.
Promote sustainable and in depth integration of Behavioral Health and Primary Care throughout the Health Center, getting buy-in from Providers and all levels of staff.
Develop and implement training programs related to Integration necessary for all levels of staff.
Ensure collection of appropriate data and reporting of Quality metrics.
Work closely with providers and administrators to address issues and overcome obstacles to integration efforts.
Chair the BH/Primary Care Integration Steering Committee, schedule meetings, plan agendas and develop action plans to meet milestones.
Participate in regular interdisciplinary team meetings, monthly Program Managers meetings, and other standing meetings as may be appropriate.

Supervisory Responsibilities:
Overall supervision of all aspects of the Behavioral Health/Primary Care integration program. Supervise Project Managers and Coordinators in Pediatrics, Adult Medicine, and others as may be assigned by the Director of BHS.

Develop protocols which incorporate and guide BHS towards the development of an Integration program within primary care (adult medicine patients and pediatrics). Conduct trainings in primary care and BHS in concert with the BHS Director and Admin/Clinical Manager. Monitor work plans and ensure that timely grant reporting is met as required.
Oversee the Interdisciplinary Primary Care and BHI Committee, (consisting of MDs, BHI Clinicians in BHS and Health Promotion) for the SFF Grant and the HRSA/BHI Care Program.Other Job Information (if applicable):Ability to maintain effective and professional relationships with patient and other members of the care team
Strong communication skills.
Strong writing skills.
Experience with screening for common depression / substance use disorders.
Experience with assessment and treatment planning for common mental health / substance use disorders, when appropriate.
Working knowledge of differential diagnosis of common mental health / substance use disorders, when appropriate.
Working knowledge of all developmental phases of the lifecycle.
Working knowledge of evidence-based psychosocial treatments for common mental health disorders, when appropriate.
Familiarity with brief, structured intervention techniques (e.g., Motivational Interviewing when appropriate) when appropriate.
Basic knowledge of psychopharmacology for common mental health disorders that is within appropriate scope of practice for type of provider filling role.

Requirements: Master's Degree and Licensed in Counseling Psychology, Social Work or other closely related mental health degree/license. Must have at least five (5) years' experience, including one year of management experience. Individual with some Integration experience preferred, but would like individual who has worked in an outpatient health/mental health care setting and has had some interface with PCPs, and appreciates the necessity to collaborate around shared patients.

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