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Resident Service Coordinator

The Resident Service Coordinator (RSC) supports the organization's mission, vision and values by exhibiting professionalism and a deep respect for residents. In adhering to the mission of Trinity Management LLC, the RSC builds and maintains relationships with residents. This creates an environment that empowers residents to identify their assets and address their needs. Furthermore, the RSC offers the support and guidance necessary to foster independence and enhance the quality of resident lives.

1. Provides short-term, care coordination including intake and referral services to residents needing assistance to maintain independence and promote self-sufficiency; i.e. counseling, personal assistance, homemakers, meals-on-wheels, transportation, visiting nurse, wellness clinics.
2. Develops linkages and relationships with agencies and providers in the community in order to identify quality and affordable services.
3. Develops, maintains, and updates directories and listings of community resources for use by both staff and residents.
4. Educates residents on service availability, social service application procedures and rights, and provides advocacy when necessary.
5. Monitors the ongoing community agency services to ensure that agency and housing management are current with the progress of residents.
6. Works with residents in building support networks with other residents, family, and friends. This may involve the development of resident associations, resource listings for self-referral, newsletters, welcoming committees, orientation packages, support groups, and resident boards.
7. Works with residents in securing and/or creating social programming opportunities which meet the health, educational and values of the housing community.
8. Collaborates with community providers to create on-site resident programs, activities, and events to promote social interaction among residents.
9. Collaborates with residents, property management, and neighbors to resolve conflicts.
10. Establishes volunteer and other support programs for the resident population with service organizations in the community.
11. Collaborates with management staff, families, and community social service agencies to identify and address resident concerns.
12. Provides follow-up to referrals to ensure appropriate service delivery.
13. Refers to appropriate agency any resident experiencing problems which threaten health and safety. Supports residents remaining at home independently, while educating residents and family members about alternative housing options.
14. Educates family members and the community to understand the changing needs of residents; especially seniors and people with disabilities, while being sensitive to their choices as they age-in-place.
15. Educates residents on various aspects of community living including: community participation, lease compliance, life skills, and leadership development.
16. Educates site staff on issues that impact the resident's quality of life including Reasonable Accommodation (504) requests, service coordination, aging in place, domestic violence, family issues, mental health, and developmental disabilities.
17. Develops and presents trainings related to resident concerns to residents, community organizations, community development corporations, the management team, and TAP Conferences.
18. Assists in developing and implementing policies and protocols for TMLLC which set a standard of care or operation for the Company to adhere to, for example, guidelines for addressing Domestic Violence, 504 Reasonable Accommodation, responding to Bedbug infestations, & guidelines for computer learning centers.
19. Compiles data regarding services provided and reports to Management, owners, board, funding sources etc...
20. Maintains clear, concise and appropriate information in resident files.
21. Creates clear documentation of program development efforts to aid in reporting and replication of programs.
22. Completes all documentation in a timely manner.
23. Researches and documents availability of community programs and resources.
24. Develops and manages RSC budget on-site in collaboration with management and owner
25. Explores funding options and grant-writing opportunities and follows through on program and documentation requirements.


We have PT and FT positions available. TMLLC offers a competitive salary, excellent benefits, and an opportunity to learn many versatile skills! Individual must be a licensed or license-eligible social worker who is bilingual in English/Spanish or English/Chinese. Contact Lisa Morishanti for more information.

Contact: Lisa Morishanti