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CANS Program Director

Under the general direction of the Director or designee, the Child Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) Program Director is responsible for overseeing the CANS Training Program including financial, personnel, contractual, technical, instructional design and development, and program quality improvements.

The CANS Program Director will lead efforts to: review and revise online training, certification, and support; inform revisions and updates to the training curriculum/website; conduct CQI of the training program; and contribute management, clinical, instructional, and technical knowledge to address the program. The CANS Program Director will serve as the lead contact with Executive Office of Health & Human Services (EOHHS) Children's Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI) and stakeholders and work collaboratively to meet the needs of the CANS Training Program in accordance with CBHI values and missions. The CANS Program Director will determine program unit staffing needs and functions, provide supervision for all related tasks and coordinate with other lead UMass staff on related tasks in conjunction with CBHI. The CANS Program Director will be responsible for the annual budget and for developing the annual scope of work for the ISA.


  • Coordinate and communicate program needs and resources with IT Director and related staff.
  • Act in a project management capacity and be responsible for managing day-to-day logistics and operational needs of the CANS program, including convening and providing overall to direction to project teams and identifying and addressing problems which may adversely affect performance of project work.
  • Lead the CANS CQI team to ensure quality and effectiveness of training.
  • Approve all training and certification training materials for CANS program.
  • Provide expert advice for revising training-and-support adaptations in the CANS curriculum to maximize use of CANS in keeping with CBHI values and mission.
  • Identify necessary resources to perform project, including organizing and coordinating resources from UMMS, other campuses of the University system, and other resources; oversee and monitor work progress and program implementation
  • Maintain close connections with CBHI and develop engagement strategies with provider stakeholders.
  • Oversee, develop and review ongoing support mechanisms including post-certification training and materials for all CANS users, including facilitation of periodic user groups and online support materials.
  • Participate in the development of program evaluation/research in conjunction with CBHI and other stakeholders
  • Prepares project budgets, and manages project related grant and contractual expenditures with the department administrator.
  • Hire, advise, directly supervise and evaluate the performance of assigned staff.
  • Provide functional supervision to other specified project/program staff as needed
  • Write papers and reports describing the project results for various clients and stakeholders.
  • Coordinate formal communications and meetings between the client and other project participants, as well as working with senior departmental management regarding project needs and concerns.
  • Perform other duties as required.


  • Master's degree in health related field or behavioral health field or equivalent.
  • 7 years' experience in developing, implementing and evaluating applied programs, including significant experience in project management and at least 2 years' experience supervising staff and managing fiscal aspects of projects.
  • Current CANS certification
  • Previous experience using CANS with clinical populations
  • Working knowledge of supervision and coordination of complex, federally or state funded, multi-site projects
  • Well-developed communication and presentation skills, both oral and written, ability to interact effectively with faculty, staff, and investigators, and ability to plan and produce reports suitable for an academic, clinical, and/or administrative audiences
  • Ability to travel locally and nationally as needed for the program.

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