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Senior College Adviser

The College Advising Corps - Boston launched in the 2013-2014 academic year with support from the Boston-based GreenLight Fund's Social Innovation Fund initiative. In 2015, College Advising Corps partnered with Boston University as the institutional anchor for the Boston program. CACBU also became an official partner of AmeriCorps in 2015. In school year 2015-2016, CACBU is serving 24 area high schools (Boston Public Schools & KIPP Lynn Academy) with 23 college adviser positions.

Position Overview: The College Advising Corps - Boston University (CACBU) seeks to hire a near-peer college adviser with previous AmeriCorps and/or college advising experience for a one-year position as a senior college adviser. This position will hold both in-school and CACBU-wide leadership responsibilities looking at best practices in serving non-traditional students and promoting alternative postsecondary pathways. The senior college adviser will serve full-time as the inaugural adviser at Boston Collaborative High School, a multi-site consortium of alternative educational pathway programs including: 1) ABCD University High School; 2) EDCO Youth Alternative; 3) Ostiguy Recovery High School; 4) St. Mary's school for pregnant and parents girls. The senior college adviser will also contribute to trainings and best practice conversations amongst advisers serving in alternative high schools. The senior college adviser will report to program staff and to an on-site s upervisor in each of the schools they will serve.

Hiring and Appointment Timelines:CACBU is hiring for 1 senior college adviser who will begin their year of service full-time starting July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017.

Job Responsibilities: The CACBU senior college adviser will be expected to perform the regular duties of a college adviser in additional to leadership responsibilities as befits this position.

Standard CACBU adviser responsibilities:

Provide one-on-one admissions and financial aid to any student or family seeking assistance
Encourage each student to consider a broad range of appropriate post-secondary choices.
Develop for each student a comprehensive college timeline including a match college list and deadlines for admission and financial aid.
Help each student complete and submit 3-5 admissions applications and necessary financial aid applications.

Organize group events that encourage students and their families to consider, plan for, and apply to college and universities
Visit classrooms, assemblies and student organization meetings to offer CACBU services and emphasize the importance of post-secondary education.
Work with local community groups - churches, community-based organizations, social service providers, etc. - to offer group events outside school settings and hours.

Establish productive working relationships with principals, counselors and teachers in assigned partner school
Assess, in the consultation with CACBU Program Director and partner school personnel, the particular needs of each school and adapt programs and activities to meet these needs.
Actively seek the advice and counsel of the on-site supervisor at partner high school.

Assist in the efforts of the other CACBU advisers
Regularly visit other partner high schools during school days
Help organize, provide support for, and attend evening and weekend events organized by other advisers

Assist in the assessment and long-term sustainability of the program
Assist the program director and evaluation staff to identify, collect and interpret key progress and outcome variables to evaluation the effectiveness of the CACBU.
Record up to date service activity data and submit monthly progress reports to the program director documenting progress and outcome data.
Represent the College Advising Corps, as requested by the program director, to potential supporters and to other interested parties.

Maintain expertise in admissions and financial aid advising
Participate fully in pre- and in-service training.
In consultation with the program director, seek out and participate in other opportunities for professional development.

Additional leadership responsibilities:

Work with program staff to develop the groundwork and structure to successfully and sustainably serve Boston Collaborative High School for the long-term
Learn Boston Collaborative High School's (as well as the individual sites') structure, policies, procedures, and student populations; use this information to set an optimal schedule, case load, and work plan for CACBU advisers
Develop positive relationships with leadership and staff across the sites who will support the CACBU college adviser and college-going initiatives
Implement innovative, creative college-going programs that are adaptive to Boston Collaborative High School's needs
Develop a Boston Collaborative Legacy Document that will serve as a "blueprint" for future advisers serving at the high school

Contribute to trainings and best practice conversations on the topic of serving non-traditional students and promoting alternative postsecondary pathways
Alongside program staff, co-lead best practice meetings with advisers serving in alternative high schools
With support from program staff, develop and facilitate summer and in-service trainings which promote strong alternative postsecondary pathways
Serve as a resource to fellow advisers who are supporting non-traditional students and/or students interested in alternative postsecondary pathways


The position of senior college adviser requires tact, diplomacy, and a strong commitment to service. The senior college adviser must be enthusiastic about working with students in an alternative educational setting and firmly committed to serving students who experience multiple barriers to academic success. The senior college adviser must be highly emotionally intelligent, serving students with empathy while holding them to high expectations. A successful senior college adviser will demonstrate exceptional organizational and communication skills, including the ability to self-navigate and self-advocate. The senior college adviser must collaborate creatively and effectively with others in order to solve problems and reach goals across multiple sites. This position requires high levels of innovation, flexibility, and adaptability. The senior college adviser must be willing to conduct independent research to build the knowledge and skills needed to successfully serve their unique student populations. The senior college adviser must also be interested in contributing to CACBU's larger knowledge base, particularly in regards to serving non-traditional students.

Preference is given to candidates with 1-2 years of successful service in an AmeriCorps/service program, or comparable years of work experience in youth development and college advising. Candidates with master's degrees will be considered

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