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Behavior Management Therapist (BMT)

Justice Resource Institute is looking for a Behavior Management Therapist (BMT).


Educational requirements:  Minimum of a Master's degree and a license with additional hours of coursework and training in conducting functional behavioral assessments (FBAs) and selecting, implementing and evaluating intervention strategies, Two (2) years relevant experience providing direct services to youth and families who require behavior management to address mental health needs and supervised experience conducting behavioral health assessments designing, implementing and monitoring behavior analysis programs for individuals.

Experience:  Must have substantial managerial, as well as direct care experience in the provision of mental health, community based, and group care services for SED (Serious Emotional Disturbance) children and families.   Must have experience in navigating any of the child/family-serving systems; and experience in advocating for family members who are involved with behavioral health systems. Availability nights and weekends is required.

  • Working knowledge of the Massachusetts child protective system (DCF, DYS, DMH), CANS Assessments, Wraparound planning process as well as knowledge of the Systems of Care philosophy.
  • Knowledgeable of childhood/adolescent development and familiarity working with large systems.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and to "think outside the box" in terms of treatment modalities and systemic changes.
  • Capability to take initiative and direct teams of multi-disciplinary professionals and advocate for the most appropriate community-based services for children and families in CBHI care.

General Description

The Behavior Management Therapist is responsible for providing a highly specialized behavioral intervention which includes various methods of collecting data and assessment information which is used in developing a plan, with specific strategies and interventions, aimed at reducing challenging behaviors that interfere with the youth's functioning.  The BMT will have frequent and direct contact with referral sources, (CSA's Intensive Care Coordinator (ICC), In-Home Therapists (IHT)  and/or Outpatient Clinician) participating as a member of the Care Planning Team (CPT) and will work closely to implement the goal(s) and objective(s) identified by the CPT.   If the youth is not receiving ICC, they the BMT will work closely with the family and any existing behavioral health provider to implement goals and objective identified by the provider.  The BMT will work collaboratively with the Behavior Management Monitor (BMM) to provide ongoing therapeutic support to the family and adjust Behavior Plans, when neces

Responsibilities and Competencies

  • Demonstrate familiarity with Human Rights
  • Completion of a written functional behavioral assessment within 28 days of intake.
  • Development of a focused behavior plan that identifies specific behavioral and measurable objectives or performance goals and interventions (ie. Skills training, reinforcement systems, removal of triggering stimuli, graduated exposure to triggering stimuli, etc) that are designed to diminish, extinguish, or improve specific behaviors related to the youth's mental health condition.
  • Participate in all Care Planning Meetings and/or Family Teams as often as needed as determined by the youth's team.
  • Follow Children's Behavioral Health Initiative policies on confidentiality of records
  • Comply fully with all mandatory reporting requirements of DCF's 51A regulations and the Americans with Disabilities Acts.
  • Have a solid working knowledge of Federal and State regulations and statutes regarding Special Education issues as well as the Rosie D. remedy.
  • Understand and have the ability to apply trauma-informed Practice and treatment

Assessment and Treatment Planning Functions

  • The BMT coordinates intake with family upon receipt of referral.
  • The BMT, through various interview techniques, documented observation of youth and family, obtain the necessary information to complete functional behavioral assessment and behavior plan. 
  • The BMT will provide collaterals with the FBA and Behavior Plan.
  • The BMT coordinates the meeting of the Care Planning Team and develops the Individual Care Plan (ICP) based on the family's strengths and needs, including a comprehensive twenty-four hour crisis plan. The plan should reflect the best possible fit with the cultures, values and beliefs of the family.
  • The BMT will provide Evidence-based or best practice models that match the main need/focused problem are recommended to guide treatment/care planning and interventions.
  • The BMT ensures that the services being provided are responsive to the goals and needs identified in the Individual Care or Treatment Plan.
  • The BMT will update the behavior plan and treatment goals regularly based on the youth's presentation, including updates following any significant events such as presentation to an ESP or hospitalization.  

 Documentation and Information Management Functions

  • Complete all documentation in a timely manner according to specifications
  • Complete all required trainings for CBHI providers as well all mandatory training offered by Justice Resource Institute.  
  • Provide intake/discharge and case monitoring information on all clients for inclusion into the appropriate  information systems


  • Work as a team member; maintain flexible and positive attitude in team process
  • Create a strong liaison relationship with families and clients as well as other Service and Community based Providers.
  • Establish and maintain appropriate positive relationships and boundaries with families/clients and fellow staff members.
  • Maintain professional relationships with all Providers
  • Attend relevant meetings and training's as they are scheduled annually
  • Other duties as assigned by Program Director

Reports to

  • Program Director

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