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In-home Therapy and School Clinician

This position at LAMOUR Community Health Institute and LBD Counseling and Consulting Clinic requires Masters Level In-home therapy clinician to provide individual and individual counseling to adults, children their families and provide other family members with therapeutic support if needed within their homes or community. 

Conducts intensive evaluation of needs via developing comprehensive assessment, CANS, crisis tool and crisis management skill, treatment plans and aftercare planning. This also includes care coordination, case management, skill building using Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) (parent, communication skills for both youth and their family) advocacy, navigating system and attending care plan meeting on behalf of youth and families. The In-home therapy clinician works as part of a multidisciplinary team with a paraprofessional staff on treatment interventions. 


Working under the clinical supervisor and program director, provides intensive family counseling to children/adolescents and their families within their communities.
Must understand medical necessity and be able to diagnose and assess all needs 
• Maintain daily records via input patient information in assessments, CANS, treatment plans, Risk management/safety planning, progress notes, and billing.
• Utilize comprehensive, home-based behavioral health assessment inclusive with fidelity in regards to progress notes, treatment plans, and assessments, and discharge plans
• Identification of community resources and development of natural support options for youth and parent/guardian/caregiver; 
• Attends meeting with providers (e.g., attendance at IEP meetings, hospital discharge meetings, Care Planning Team (CPT) meetings. 
• Collaboration with care coordinator (for youth enrolled in ICC services) and/or other behavioral health service providers; 
• Coaching in support of decision-making in both crisis and non-crisis situations 
• Provide skills training for youth and parent/guardian/caregiver;
• Engages clients in treatment using non-traditional methods (understand collaborative treatment of traumatized children and teens, multisystem therapy, or wrap around services);
• Ability to communicate effectively in a community-based environment
• Must be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for consultation on an as needed basis. 
• Current valid US-issued driver's license and ability to provide registered and insured automobile for work-related purposes;
• Must have a home office (computer, fax machine, email address and cell phone)
• Some weekend and evening work will be required, but schedule is flexible based on clients meeting needs;
• Pass CORI & SORI;

• Strong writing, comprehension, analytical and interpersonal skills, willingness to work directly with patients 
• Ability to communicate effectively within a variety of situations and with diverse populations 
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team
• Excellent time management and organizational skills 


Candidate must have a Master's Degree in Counseling, Psychology, Social Work or Education with a concentration in Counseling or Doctorate degree in related field; must have 2 years or more experience working with children and families or with mentally ill populations / individuals with disabilities and or Autistic Disorder/Asperser's, urban youth and crisis management.
Must be culturally and linguistically competence, bilingual a plus; Haitian Creole, Portuguese Creole, Spanish, Chinese or Vietnamese. 

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