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Behavioral Support Staff

Recreational Education Center in Chelmsford, Peabody, and Londonderry are hiring Behavioral Support Staff.

Professional Behavior
• Demonstrates good work attendance and arrives at appointments on time
• Has a good working relationship with supervisors, families, and school personnel
• Maintains child and parent confidentiality
• Maintains professional boundaries with families and other professionals
• Dresses appropriately for the given work setting
• Completes session notes appropriately for each client
• Completes timesheets/billing accurately and within the appropriate time frame
• Returns phone calls and/or emails within 48 hours
• Demonstrates interest in professional development
• Reads recent articles in the field or a related field to expand current knowledge base
• Demonstrates critical thinking skills and work efficiently to develop the company as a whole

Training and Development
• Attend at least 2 mandatory, unpaid orientations/trainings per calendar year
• Complete initial 15 hour new staff training including, online Relias training, and complete competencies within 15 hours of employment
• Additional training/professional development throughout the year
• Ongoing training if necessary

Discrete Trial Instruction
• Demonstrates the ability to implement teaching based on the S-R-C paradigm.
• Sets up teaching environment prior to teaching
• Presents clear and consistent SD's
• Allows sufficient time for the student to respond
• Ensures that baseline measures are taken for each skill
• Utilizes shaping, chaining and prompting techniques when teaching
• Accurately follows lesson plans
• Accurately delivers consequences (Reinforcement and correction procedures)
• Follows maintenance and generalization procedures for each lesson plan
• Records data quickly and accurately
• Determines changes in targets and prompt levels based on reviewing graphs
• Cleans up work environment and keeps materials and program book organized
• Pace of instruction is appropriate per student
• Promotes individual choice and functional communication with students
• Ensures all programs are being run frequently
• Ability to assess students using an appropriate tool such as the ABLLS
• Writes objective yearly benchmarks for individual students
• Develop and write lesson plans for program books along with appropriate data collection procedures for on-going progress monitoring
• Independently makes changes to lesson plans in the best interest of the student

Incidental Teaching and Activity-based Instruction
• Utilizes all naturally occurring opportunities to embed instruction
• Imbeds targeted skills into student-preferred activities
• Able to expand verbal and non-verbal communication attempts
• Acknowledges communication attempts
• Promotes generalization of skills through activity-based instruction
• Designs the environment to promote incidental teaching opportunities
• Promotes age-appropriate activities
• Encourages interactions with students by engaging in fun, social activities

Behavior Support Plans
• Can identify major components of a behavior support plan
• Can identify possible functions of interfering behaviors
• Consistently implements preventative strategies based on the behavior support plan
• Teaches alternative behaviors (adaptive behaviors)
• Consistently implements consequence measures based on behavior support plan
• Maintains a neutral tone of voice and body language
• Utilizes the least restrictive prompt required to consistently follow through
• Manages the safety of everyone in the environment
• Requests assistance when needed
• Accurately records data and graphs accordingly.

"Open REC"
• Ensure a safe environment for all clients accessing the REC
• Follow all daily procedures for documenting, handling payments, cleaning requirements and open/closing procedures
• Facilitate play and social interactions with children accessing the center
• Offer support and guidance for parents including ideas for play activities
• Foster positive relationships and interactions among families accessing the REC
• Support families managing children during instances of behaviors
Requirements/Qualifications *
Occasional Physical requirements required by not more than carrying or lifting 40lbs.

To apply please email resume and cover letter to