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Recreational Education Center is hiring a Lead Therapist in their Peabody, Chelmsford, and Londonderry locations.

Develops general curricula associated within their division of the center a. Under the direction of the Program Coordinators, develops general curricula for center based activities. May include; art projects, cooking projects, gross motor activities, pretend play schemes, circle/meeting activities, and vocational tasks.

Implements and maintains student specific programming utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis at The Recreational Education Center: a. Graphs all client data following sessions with accuracy including moving through prompt levels, updating graphs and communicating with Program Coordinators and BCBAs regarding progress. b. Implements behavioral intervention plans for students with integrity as well as on-going modeling of each plan to the direct care staff. c. Participates in clinical team meetings (consultation meetings) to ensure communication between staff and Team members. d. Generates monthly progress summaries following specified protocol to be shared with families and school systems as requested by the Clinical Director. e. Provides supervision to ensure the well-being and safety of students. Must be able to physically assist students during fire drills or actual fire emergency. Physically assists student in daily personal hygiene and self-care tasks to preven t unhealthy living conditions. Assists in ensuring that students receive emergency medical attention subject to agency policies and procedures regarding the provision of emergency medical care.

Provides training, consultation and support to families. a. Communicates regularly with families regarding student progress and activities within teaching sessions via daily student notes b. Maintains professional relationship with families including respecting the values and culture of individual families, following program guidelines and demonstrating good work behaviors (e.g., arriving to work on time, dressing appropriately, etc.). c. Keeps informed of social and medical information of each student in his/her care (e.g., present status of home situation, illnesses, allergies, medication, etc.) via voice and written communications with other staff, parents, school personnel, etc.

Preserves the rights of each student and his or her family:

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a. Maintains confidentiality of all students/families that you are currently or have worked with in the past. b. Interacts with colleagues, students and families in a way that ensures their dignity and demonstrates respect for their values and culture in both home and community settings. c. Employs restrictive procedures only when specified in treatment plan. d. Follows ethical standards of BACB.

Engages in ongoing training and development of skills in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Behavioral Disorders, Brain Injury and special education. a. Attends in-service training sessions as well as scheduled staff meetings. b. Completes readings and workshops offered to ensure continued knowledge and expertise in the areas of autism, special education, brain injury, behavior disorders, behavior analysis, and parent training. c. Attends workshops and reviews literature in autism, early childhood education, parent training, language development, behavior disorders, brain injury, applied behavior analysis and family systems to ensure continued knowledge and expertise in these areas.

Lead Therapists are also responsible for the requirements of Direct Therapists which include; the on-going implementation of individually designed programming and ensuring all programming is fun and engaging so each student is motivated to learn and participate in the sessions. The following are specific competencies which need to be demonstrated.

Discrete Trial Instruction: 1. Demonstrates the ability to implement teaching based on the S-R-C paradigm (discrete trial instruction). 2. Organizes and sets up teaching environment prior to teaching 3. Presents clear and consistent SD's 4. Allows sufficient time for the student to respond 5. Ensures that baseline measures are taken for each skill 6. Utilizes shaping, chaining and prompting techniques when teaching 7. Accurately follows lesson plans 8. Accurately delivers consequences (Reinforcement and correction procedures) 9. Follows maintenance and generalization procedures for each lesson plan 10. Records data quickly and accurately 11. Determines changes in targets and prompt levels based on reviewing graphs 12. Cleans up work environment and keeps materials and program book organized 13. Pace of instruction is appropriate per student 14. Promotes individual choice and functional communication with students 15. Ensures all programs are being run frequently 16. Ensures ea ch teaching session is fun and engaging for each student

Incidental Teaching and Activity-based Instruction 1. Utilizes all naturally occurring opportunities to embed instruction 2. Imbeds targeted skills into student-preferred activities 3. Able to expand verbal and non-verbal communication attempts

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4. Acknowledges communication attempts 5. Promotes generalization of skills through activity-based instruction 6. Designs the environment to promote incidental teaching opportunities 7. Promotes age-appropriate activities 8. Encourages interactions with students by engaging in fun, social activities

Behavior Intervention Plans 1. Can identify major components of a behavior support plan 2. Can identify possible functions of interfering behaviors 3. Consistently implements preventative strategies based on the behavior support plan 4. Teaches alternative behaviors (adaptive behaviors) 5. Consistently implements consequence measures based on behavior support plan 6. Maintains a neutral tone of voice and body language 7. Utilizes the least restrictive prompt required to consistently follow through 8. Manages the safety of everyone in the environment 9. Requests assistance when needed 10. Accurately records data and graphs accordingly.

Professionalism 1. Demonstrates good work and attendance 2. Has a good working relationship with supervisors and school personnel 3. Maintains child and parent confidentiality 4. Maintains professional boundaries with families 5. Dresses appropriately for the work setting 6. Arrives at visits at the schedule time 7. Completes session notes appropriately and for each client 8. Completes timesheets/billing accurately and within the appropriate time frame 9. Returns phone calls and/or emails within 48 hours 10. Demonstrates interest in professional development 11. Reads recent articles in the field or a related field to expand current knowledge base

Current or successful completion of the Registered Behavior Technician credential
At least 2 years' experience in a setting utilizing Applied Behavior Analysis 
Current or successful completion of Safety Care certification

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