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Community Engagement Team Co-team Leader

Since 2007, the Community Engagement Team (CET), a multi-agency collaborative, has reached out to underserved
Cambridge families and connected them to community events and resources, developed community
leaders, and supported agencies in working with a diverse community. The CET's model includes two complementary driving forces:

• Leadership Development: The CET's multi-cultural outreach workers are community members who
provide agencies with feedback on culturally appropriate practices and assist agencies with outreach to
underserved Cambridge families.
• Coordinated Outreach: The programs and organizations involved in the CET have made a commitment not
only to build leadership capacity in the community, but also to coordinate our efforts.

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Community Learning Center, 5 Western Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139
The Department of Human Service Programs, City of Cambridge, Seeks a Community Engagement Team Co-team Leader

We are looking for a CET Co-team Leader who will:
• Co-facilitate and coordinate the completion of CET programming
• Oversee work of 8-10 part-time CET outreach workers
• Organize three networking events per year for 60-100 providers each time
• Oversee the CET's technical assistance to agencies
• Participate in city committees and task forces and develop collaborative relationships with
agencies to support their outreach to underserved Cambridge families
• Work on projects for the Community Learning Center, where the position is based

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