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Director of Social Service Advocacy

The Youth Advocacy Division (YAD) is seeking an experienced social worker to fill the position of Director of Social Service Advocacy. YAD is the juvenile defender division of CPCS and helps ensure that every indigent child in Massachusetts has access to zealous legal representation in delinquency and youthful offender cases. As youth in Massachusetts have a right to jury trials and are subject to both juvenile and adult sentences, trial offices integrate the work of attorneys, a social service advocate, and an administrative assistant to fully address the legal and developmental needs of our clients.

Youth Advocacy Division


44 Bromfield Street, Boston, MA 02108

(617) 482-6212

The Director of Social Service Advocacy is a leadership position in YAD. The work is primarily managerial, with responsibilities involving recruiting, hiring, supervising, training, and data gathering and reporting.

The Director of Social Service Advocacy will have primary responsibility for the leadership, oversight, supervision, and training of Social Service Advocates (SSA) in YAD's nine trial offices.The Director of Social Service Advocacy also has the responsibility to develop and support the pool of private social worker vendors who are available to be hired on a case by case basis by attorneys representing indigent juvenile defendants. Direct social service advocacy may also be required as a teaching and supervision method and occasionally to provide back-up to SSAs.

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