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Staff Therapist I-Mandarin and/or Cantonese speaking Staff Therapist

Mission Statement for the Brandeis Counseling Center: The Brandeis Counseling Center's (BCC) mission aims to facilitate student success in educational and developmental experience and to facilitate individual and community wellness within the University. We offer an array of services on campus and facilitate referrals to outside resources. We are here to meet the developmental, emotional, and mental health needs of the students of the university. Through our work we seek to promote positive social change and deep appreciation for the strengths represented cross culturally in our Brandeis community.

We are a team that is committed to clinical practices that are consistent with the American Psychological Association multicultural guidelines as follows:

Guideline 1. Psychologists seek to recognize and understand that identity and self-definition are fluid and complex and that the interaction between the two is dynamic. To this end, psychologists appreciate that intersectionality is shaped by the multiplicity of the individual's social contexts.

Guideline 2. Psychologists aspire to recognize and understand that as cultural beings, they hold attitudes and beliefs that can influence their perceptions of and interactions with others as well as their clinical and empirical conceptualizations. As such, psychologists strive to move beyond conceptualizations rooted in categorical assumptions, biases, and/or formulations based on limited knowledge about individuals and communities.

Guideline 3. Psychologists strive to recognize and understand the role of language and communication through engagement that is sensitive to the lived experience of the individual, couple, family, group, community, and/or organizations with whom they interact. Psychologists also seek to understand how they bring their own language and communication to these interactions.

Guideline 4. Psychologists endeavor to be aware of the role of the social and physical environment in the lives of clients, students, research participants, and/or consultees.

Guideline 5. Psychologists aspire to recognize and understand historical and contemporary experiences with power, privilege, and oppression. As such, they seek to address institutional barriers and related inequities, disproportionalities, and disparities of law enforcement, administration of criminal justice, educational, mental health, and other systems as they seek to promote justice, human rights, and access to quality and equitable mental and behavioral health services.

Guideline 6. Psychologists seek to promote culturally adaptive interventions and advocacy within and across systems, including prevention, early intervention, and recovery.

Guideline 7. Psychologists endeavor to examine the profession's assumptions and practices within an international context, whether domestically or internationally based, and consider how this globalization has an impact on the psychologist's self-definition, purpose, role, and function.

Guideline 8. Psychologists seek awareness and understanding of how developmental stages and life transitions intersect with the larger biosociocultural context, how identity evolves as a function of such intersections, and how these different socialization and maturation experiences influence worldview and identity.

Guideline 9. Psychologists strive to conduct culturally appropriate and informed research, teaching, supervision, consultation, assessment, interpretation, diagnosis, dissemination, and evaluation of efficacy as they address the first four levels of the Layered Ecological Model of the Multicultural Guidelines.

Guideline 10. Psychologists actively strive to take a strength-based approach when working with individuals, families, groups, communities, and organizations that seeks to build resilience and decrease trauma within the sociocultural context.

Exempt Position: 17.5 hrs per week for 39 weeks
Reports to: Director and Associate Director of the Brandeis Counseling Center

Essential Functions:
Cultural Sensitivity: This clinician will engage in training experiences at the BCC that support their growth toward the APA standard of multicultural guidelines. Community Therapist: This clinician will provide care in the community as a "Community Therapist" offering drop in hours, workshops and consultation, and attending the meetings for the Community Therapist.
Individual Treatment: This clinician will be trained and experienced in the current best practices for treatment of college students affected by psychological conditions and embracing multiple intersecting identities. Clinicians should have experience in providing mental health care utilizing a trauma focused lens and clinical expertise that demonstrates an ability to provide care that is culturally adaptive and strength-based. In particular, this clinician will provide care that addresses various traumas including sexual trauma, interpersonal violence,trauma related to chronic, historical, and systematic marginalization and political trauma. Group Treatment: This clinician will be trained and experienced in the current best practices for group treatment of college students. This clinician will be expected to provide group treatment that is culturally adaptive and trauma informed. This clinician will advocate for student utilization of group treatments by engaging in the community work to advertise the benefit of group interventions. Crisis Intervention: This clinician will meet with students who present to the counseling center in acute crisis. Interventions will include assessing for level of care, providing resources, engaging with campus partners when appropriate, and arranging for higher levels of care as needed. Coordination of Care: This clinician will work closely with other members of the treatment team who are providing care for students they treat. Assessment and Triage: This clinician will meet with students to assess their clinical needs, create a treatment team and triage as appropriate.

Outreach: This clinician will be offering opportunities in the community for education about the impacts of mental health on all aspects of students' functioning and how to support students in the community. There will be opportunities for collaboration with campus partners to support students within the community. This clinician will be expected to participate in programming in the community related to their identified area of interest. This area of interest will be approved by the Director or the Associate Director. Prevention: This clinician will partner with campus resources to address the issues of mental health, interpersonal violence and trauma related to chronic oppression on campus as well as engage in efforts to address cultural change on campus.

Administrative Duties: This clinician will attend staff meetings. They are also expected to comply with Policy and Procedures regarding timely documentation. Each clinician will be responsible for identifying an internal project that they will be responsible for or will engage in active participation on a committee within the BCC.

Time Commitment: This being an exempt position, this clinician understands that they may be called on to work beyond their scheduled hours to complete the work that is presenting itself in any given day or shift. This clinician will be available to work the shifts needed to adequately staff the center.

Position Requirements:
Education: This clinician must have completed a PhD, PsyD, or EdD in psychology or a related field or MSW in social work, or Masters in Counseling and be licensed or license eligible in the state of MA.

Language Expertise: Fluent in Mandarin and/or Cantonese Experience: College counseling experience preferred.

Because we believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential components of clinical excellence, we are seeking candidates whose practice and values reflect our mission. We strongly encourage women, people of color, religious and ethnic minorities, members of the LGBTQIA community, individuals with disabilities, individuals from other underrepresented groups, as well as individuals whose work or interests demonstrate a commitment to social change, to apply.

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