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Mental Health Case Coordinator - Ethos




DEPARTMENT: Counseling and Support Services

POSITION: Mental Health Case Coordinator 

SUPERVISOR: Mental Health Services Program Manager

STATUS: Full Time Exempt


MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES: Administer all aspects of the Elder Mental Health Outreach Team (EMHOT).  Responsible for program operations and protocols to ensure swift, thorough, and documented service to all referred EMHOT clients.   Coordinates student interns' placements in the EMHOT program at Ethos and, in conjunction with LICSW Clinician, oversees interns' work with EMHOT clients.  Conducts targeted outreach, in collaboration with community partners, to create and maintain sustainable streams of referrals for EMHOT. 




  1. Develop and coordinate outreach and marketing plans for the EMHOT Program

  2. Present to internal stakeholders and external partners on the services of the EMHOT, how to make referrals, and general information on identifying risky and crisis behavior

  3. With supervision from the Mental Health Services Program Manager, develop, implement, manage and evaluate operational systems and protocols to accept EMHOT referrals, deploy services, and document and track client participation and progress

  4. With support from the Mental Health Services Program Manager, train and lead a team of Master's level student interns to administer the EMHOT Program with Ethos clients and external referrals. All students are closely supervised by both the Mental Health Case Coordinator and the  and LICSW Clinician (consultant)

  5. Collaborate with the LICSW Clinician who will provide clinical supervision for student interns,  and case consultations

  6. Under supervision from the LICSW Clinician, provide direct services to EMHOT clients, especially during LICSW Clinician's vacation/sick absences and when student interns may be unavailable (i.e. school vacation). Direct services to clients may include: assessment, intervention planning, counseling, and referrals to ongoing services and supports. 

  7. Support Mental Health Services Program Manager to ensure timely submission of required notifications and reports to Ethos and funding partners (MCOA)

  8. Keep informed of programs, services, clinicians and initiatives to serve elders in Boston with mental health challenges, and collaborate with these programs to build a network of referral sources for long-term/ongoing support for EMHOT clients 

  9. Keep informed of new funding opportunities and support Mental Health Services Program Manager and Director of Counseling and Support Services to complete grant applications as appropriate and relevant.

  10. Support the Mental Health Services Program Manager and Chief Marketing Officer to develop program materials including, but not limited to: flyers, brochures, intake forms, documentation templates, communication template for EMHOT clients and collateral contacts, resource guides, etc.

  11. Performs other duties as necessary



  1. Bachelor's Degree in psychology, social work, sociology or human services and at least two years of social services experience

  1. Experience working with the elderly, crisis intervention or de-escalation experience, and/or experience working in a community service setting is preferred.

  2. Ability to utilize interpersonal skills in relating sensitively to the concerns affecting the elderly individual and the population as a whole 

  3. Previous experience working in a team-based environment highly desirable.

  4. Ability to observe and report objectively in both a verbal and written manner.

  5. Flexibility to accept changing priorities.

  6. Ability to climb stairs and carry up to 20 pounds

  7. Must be able to drive or travel in an efficient manner - Ability to meet elders in need where elders are; in ERs, homes, and upon request.

  8. Excellent communication skills.


* If applicable, designates non-essential position function as required by the ADA.

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