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Library Assistant, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Dartmouth, MA

Provides informational and technical assistance in the Learning Commons and Scholarly Commons; supervises student workers; monitors the operation of equipment and supplies; responsible for the Library Learning Commons in the evenings.  Primary responsibility may lie within a single department or division.  Due to the interoperability of library systems and patron service needs, individuals may be cross-training in multiple departments.

Follows the University's best practices to build and/or support student academic success and retention, and assist in meeting strategic objectives for persistence and timely graduation of all the student population.


  • Supervises and shares in the daily operation of the of the Learning Commons desk for evening and weekend coverage.
  • Aids library users in providing information concerning materials, library rules and procedures, and library facilities; suggests and explains the proper methods of locating and using materials to facilitate patrons' use of the library.
  • Provides informational and directional assistance to patrons related to the University Library and services.
  • Assists patrons with software, technical, and printing questions including instruction in the operation of computers, printer, and/or other equipment.
  • Assists with printer maintenance including paper and toner replacement.
  • Troubleshoots technical issues and when not resolved reports or logs them promptly.
  • Adjusts functional work schedules of student assistants to maintain efficient workflow and adequate service coverage.
  • Assumes responsibility for the operation of the library facility in absence of the supervisor.
  • Arranges for coverage of service points as required for student coverage.
  • Shares in the training and daily supervision of student employees.
  • May evaluate student employee performance and productivity, recommends disciplinary action as necessary.
  • Assists with Library headcount statistics.
  • Reports safety, security, and maintenance problems to ensure that facilities, equipment, and furnishings are properly maintained.




Applicants must have at least (A) one year of full-time, or equivalent part-time paraprofessional or clerical experience as a library assistant, or (B) any combination of the required experience and the substitution below.       


I.     An Associate's degree or higher may be substituted for the required experience. *     

*Education toward such a degree will be prorated on the basis of the proportion of the requirements actually completed.  

QUALIFICATIONS   REQUIRED  AT  HIRE  (List knowledge, skills, abilities):

  1. Skill in typing.     
  2. Ability to gather information by examining records and documents.
  3. Ability to work accurately with names, numbers, codes and/or symbols.     
  4. Ability to assemble items of information according to established procedures.         
  5. Ability to communicate effectively in oral expression.
  6. Ability to deal tactfully with others.
  7. Ability to establish and maintain harmonious working relationships with others.     
  8. Ability to stand for prolonged periods of time.       
  9. Ability to follow oral and written instructions.       
  10. Ability to maintain accurate records.       
  11. Ability to read, write and comprehend the English language.
  12. Knowledge of library reference materials and services including dictionaries, atlases, almanacs, bibliographies, catalogues, etc.
  13. Knowledge of library filing system such as alphabetic, classified and chronological.           
  14. Knowledge of the types and uses of library equipment.     
  15. Skill in mending and repairing books and other library material.   
  16. Ability to understand and apply agency procedures and guidelines governing the purchase of supplies, materials and equipment.       
  17. Ability to supervise, including planning and assigning work according to the nature of the job to be accomplished, the capabilities of subordinates and available resources; controlling work through periodic reviews and/or evaluations; determining subordinates' training needs and providing or arranging for such training; motivating subordinates to work effectively; determining the need for disciplinary action and either recommending or initiating disciplinary action.       
  18. Ability to prepare general reports.   

 QUALIFICATIONS ACQUIRED ON JOB (List knowledge's, skills, abilities):

  1. Knowledge of the policies, procedures, specifications, standards and guidelines governing assigned unit activities.
  2. Knowledge of the types and uses of agency forms.
  3. Knowledge of the types and applications of library classification and cataloging systems.           
  4. Knowledge of the terminology, coding, symbols and standard abbreviations used in library work.   
  5. Knowledge of library reference materials and services, including dictionaries, atlases, almanacs, bibliographies, catalogues, etc.   
  6. Knowledge of library filing systems, such as alphabetic, classified and chronological.           
  7. Knowledge of the types and uses of library equipment.       
  8. Knowledge of the methods and techniques of preserving library materials and repairing books.
  9. Skill in operating microfilm readers and reader printers.     
  10. Skill in operating audio-visual and video equipment.       
  11. Skill in operating various types of book charging machines.         
  12. Skill in operating office machines and equipment such as adding machines, calculators and photostatic copiers.
  13. Knowledge of On-Line Computer Library Center (OCLC) bibliographic system.   
  14. Knowledge of the principles, practices and techniques of supervision.       
  15. Knowledge of the methods of general report writing.
  16. Knowledge of computers and computer software used in the library.
  17. Skill in operating printers and copiers.
  18. Knowledge of university software systems.

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