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Internships, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

Available Positions Include: Title, Department

  • Art of the Americas Graduate Research Internship - Modern Design, 1920-45, Art of the Americas
  • Videography Internship, Intellectual Property
  • Marketing Department Internship, Marketing
  • Three-Dimensional Design Internship - Exhibitions and Design
  • Art of Europe Graduate Paintings & Exhibition Research Internship, Art of Europe
  • Rights and Permissions Research Internship, Intellectual Property
  • Development Prospect Research Internship, Public Relations
  • Registrar's Office Graduate Internship, Conservation and Collections Mgmt, Registrar's Office
  • Conservation Pre-Program Internship, Conservation and Collections Mgmt, Collections Managment
  • Conservation Graduate Internship, Conservation Administration and many others!

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Application Procedures:
Read this section (including the Frequently Asked Questions), carefully and completely before submitting your application. Applications not conforming to these posted procedures will not be acknowledged, processed, or considered.

E-mail is the preferred method of applying, with all attachments in Microsoft Word or PDF format only. (You must attach your actual document; do not link to a cloud/drive version for download.) Applications should be e-mailed to:

Cover letters should be addressed to: Herbert Jones, Volunteer and Intern Programs Manager.

How to apply for an internship:

  1. Prepare a single document (MS Word or PDF) containing: a cover letter (addressed to Herbert Jones, Volunteer and Intern Manager), and a current resume. 

Your cover letter must specify:

  • the internship title for which you are applying
  • why your interest, experience, and skills combine to qualify you for the internship
  • how the named internship fits into your academic and/or career goals
  • any periods when you are not available for an in-person interview
  • Only MS Word or PDF documents will be accepted and must not be cloud/drive versions to be downloaded.

2. Email the single document (as an attachment) to Include your name and the title of the internship in the subject line of the email.

***A letter of recommendation (in either MS Word or PDF format) from either an academic instructor or advisor or a current/recent employer is strongly encouraged and may be submitted with the original cover letter/resume document. If submitted separately, the recommendation should be e-mailed directly to All recommendations submitted separately (whether sent by you or a third party) must include the applicant's full name in the subject heading of the e-mail.

***When applying for an internship that requests a writing sample, please submit the sample as an additional attachment in PDF format.

Important Information: All internships at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, are unpaid positions unless otherwise specified within the description.

Applicants may apply for up to--but no more than--three internships per season.

Applicants must submit a separate cover letter/resume combination for each internship. However, you may attach a copy of the same letter of recommendation to each of your applications.

Do not include the cover letter and resume in the body of your email; attach the combined cover letter/resume as a MS Word or PDF document.

The subject line of your email must include:

  • Your full name
  • The title of the internship for which you are applying
  • The season of the internship for which you are applying (for example: Herbert Jones, Public Relations Department Internship, Spring 2018)

All properly formatted applications will be acknowledged via email within five business days of receipt by the MFA.

Thereafter, and only upon the direction of the host department, you will receive either an interview invitation or a letter advising that you are not a finalist for the internship in question. Any applicant selected for an interview will usually be contacted first via email. (Note: we do not confirm receipt of recommendations that arrive separately from the original application.)

Incomplete and/or incorrectly formatted applications (i.e. cover letter and resume in separate documents) will not be acknowledged or nor considered.

Recommendations sent separately (i.e. by a third party) should be addressed to Herbert Jones, Volunteer and Intern Manager, and should be emailed to

If you choose to send your application by mail, please send to:
Herbert Jones, Volunteer and Intern Programs Manager 
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 
465 Huntington Avenue 
Boston, MA 02115

As of Monday, November 6, (5:00 p.m.), applications are being accepted for the Spring 2018 internships listed below only. 

Applications for these internships will be reviewed and the positions filled on a rolling basis through January 5, 2018.

Students selected for these internships must attend orientation on Saturday, January 20, at 9:30 a.m. 

Before submitting an application, carefully review the detailed application procedures and frequently asked questions. Your cover letter and resume must be combined into a single document, in either Word or PDF format, and attached to your email. We will not accept a link to your own cloud/drive which we must download. Also, you must specify in your cover letter any periods when you are not available for an in-person interview. (*Applications which do not conform to posted procedures will not be acknowledged or processed.)

Applications are reviewed and decisions made on a rolling, (i.e. first-come first considered) basis so apply early for full consideration. Each internship opportunity will be removed from the list once it is filled. You may apply to up to three internships.

*Spring 2018 internship opportunities will be published (and applications accepted) on Nov 6, 2017. 
**Summer 2018 internship opportunities will be published (and applications accepted) on/about Feb 5, 2018.

Any questions may be directed to

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